Domino 8.5.1+Travler+iPhone and the one iPhone problem IBM can not solve

So it is no secret by now that the Beta release of Traveler in 8.5.1 supports the iPhone.  Currently it has only been released to the Design Partner program and is under NDA but I can tell you after setting it up today I now have my mail, calendar and contacts on the iPhone and love it. The only problem I see so far is one that IBM can’t solve for me.  The iPhone has never had great battery life (and having previously discussed my paranoia with battery life, and the ways that I combat it I I assure you that the iPhone battery life is just bad it’s not me).  Today after enabling push mail via Traveler the battery really wore down quickly, no way I would make it through a full day with a few phone calls thrown in. For a while now I have been using both the iPhone and the Blackberry Storm, with Traveler support I could easily see myself using just the iPhone, except for the battery life issue. Nice job on the Traveler support by IBM, now maybe Apple can do something about the battery life in the iPhone.

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