Folder View Preferences lost in Quickr 8.2 (and how to find them)

In Quickr 8.1 once a user set their preference for a view it was saved for them via a Cookie so every time they returned to that view it was sorted and showing the desired number of entries as the user last viewed it. In Quickr 8.2 the “Folder Setting Cookie Feature” is turned off by default

For performance reasons, the folder settings cookie feature is turned OFF by default as of Lotus Quickr 8.2.

You can turn this feature back on by adding the following to qpconfig.xml <cookies> <folder enabled=”true” /> </cookies> and restarting the HTTP on your server. I wonder if anyone could provide any more detail on the performance impact of enabling this, though I will be testing since I know my users like this feature in 8.1 Technote 1389893 Folder view preferences lost when switching folders after upgrade to 8.2

2 Responses to Folder View Preferences lost in Quickr 8.2 (and how to find them)
  1. Pierre Celibataire
    June 26, 2009 | 5:16 am

    I cannot find an explanation for the performance degradation either; i see that who ever blogs about this just provides the key to restore the feature but no reason for the switch off

  2. autogenau
    October 27, 2009 | 9:45 am

    Thanks for this post and tipEmoticon