GSX Day @ IamLUG

As if IamLUG wasn’t enough GSX decided to bring GSX day to America.  This event held in Nice, France in the past made the IamLUG experience that much better. There were 30 attendees at GSX day, some like myself already customers of GSX, others were perspective customers, and a few just to take in a third day of excellent content while still in St. Louis. Chris Miller, Mary Beth Raven, Paul Mooney, and Eileen Fitzgerald all presented, Mary Beth wins the award for best session title with her “It’s the Server, Stupid!”.  In addition to these presentations.  In addition a GSX customer representing a major bank presented on their GSX implementation, which besides demoing some of the GSX monitoring tools impressive capabilities, also showed some unique ways they implemented them to manage and control their Domino environment. Thanks to the GSX folks for a great day, and for making my IamLUG experience last one extra day.

One Response to GSX Day @ IamLUG
  1. Mary Beth Raven
    August 6, 2009 | 10:28 pm

    Agreed, Mitch that the GSX Day comes to America was a great success!
    I was happy to talk about common problems that are blamed on the client that are really server issues.