IamLUG Day 2 Recap (Free Beer)

Catching up on blogging, here is the IamLUG day 2 (Tuesday) recap. Bright an early Tuesday morning I presented Connecting the dots of Lotus Connections, in a tough time slot up against Mary Beth Ravens What’s coming in Notes 8.5.1 and why session (and the early hour) it was presented to a small, but enthusiastic crowd.  Following a quick meeting I managed to catch the second half of Scott Hooks session A universal use case for the business value of the Lotus collaboration suite.  I rounded out the mornings session with Paul Mooneys DAOS – step by step. I should have known better then to attend a development session after lunch but I decided to take in Michael Mastersons session The Redbull fast-track for plug-in and sidebar development and while I personally don’t drink the stuff, Red Bull was served at the session. The final session of IamLUG was Rob Novaks Free American Beer! session IMG_7914 IMG_7924 Sure people came for the beer (and you will all be shocked to know who got the first beer) IMG_7918 but Rob demoed a Domino application titled “MyDomino” which is a pretty impressive example of what a web application can be in Domino.  This was featured at Lotusphere 2009 in the Rob and Vikotrs Great Code Giveaway session and can be downloaded here if you want to give it a try. Finally all good things must come to an end IMG_7929 A summary of today’s GSX Day event and final thoughts on IamLUG coming up tomorrow, now it is time to finish packing and get a few hours sleep before heading home tomorrow.

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  1. Valentin
    August 6, 2009 | 2:47 am

    I tried to open the PDf report of session What’s coming in Notes 8.5.1 and why but I get an error message