Lotus Connections 2.5 Shipping on August 28th!

IBM announced today that Lotus Connections 2.5 will ship on August 28th, yep just 10 days from now!.  Beta 2 of Connections 2.5 is running in the Lotus Greenhouse now, allowing you to check out all of the enhancements and new features before it even ships. Some of the changes in 2.5 include Addition of File Sharing Addition of Wikis Dogear is renamed ‘Bookmarks’ Communities are enhanced to allow the inclusion of an Activity, Wiki, or Blog as part of a Community Homepage contains a new feed to make it easier to keep up with activity in your network, or discover new people and content and one of my favorites in Profiles – Micro-blogging and the ability to share messages on your Profile or write on others profiles. On the back end of Connections 2.5 the install gets a little easier, especially if you are working in a clustered environment.  More on that in the coming days. IBM Lotus Connections 2.5 develops professional communities and networks of colleagues

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