(Imagine My Surprise) Downloading Lotus Connections 2.5

A word of caution to anyone who might be downloading and installing Lotus Connections 2.5 and using DB2 According to Technote 7016547 IBM Lotus Connections 2.5 System Requirements if you are using DB2 you need  DB2 9.5 FP3 (or you can use DB2 9.1 FP6), but if you are downloading a fresh install from Passport it provides DB2 9.5 (I happen to be dealing with Windows here) A picture named M2 When you take a look at the version you have downloaded you find that it is arch=i386 bldlevel=20071001 fixpack=0 interim= minimum_version= os=WIN sb=0 vrmf= Thinking I needed to download FP3 I headed over to Fix Central and found and downloaded FP3, all 540 MB of it, because you see it is not just a Fix Pack, it is the full installer again! When I check the version I see that it is arch=i386 baseptf=WR21419 bldlevel=20081118 ext_buildlevel=s081118 fixpack=3 interim= minimum_version= os=WIN ptf=WR21419 sb=0 specialbuild= vrmf=9.5.300.414 With other products that are part of Connections (WAS, TDI) there are service packs required as well, but they are truly Service Packs being much smaller then the original install, and are applied on top of the product, not requiring the install process to be run over in it’s entirety.   I really wonder why IBM did not just provide the DB2 FP3 Download with Connections. If you are installing Connections you can download DB2 9.5 FP3 Here (To limit the results to FP003 only click the Fix ID box and enter *FP003)

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  1. Chris Whisonant
    September 1, 2009 | 12:47 pm

    Or as an alternate title (for PlanetLotus hits…) “Get your free DB2 right here!” Emoticon