Lotus Knows It's Been a Good Week

A look back at LoLA and some of the events that took place over the last few days. Tuesday morning started with the launch of the Lotus Knows web site, and the launch of Lotus Advertising in the Wall Street Journal and Boston Globe IMG_8956 IMG_0762 IMG_0761 Following the LoLA Opening Session I was invited to attend Bob Picciano’s press briefing. In addition to officially announcing the launch of Lotus Connections 2.5, Bob talked about the Lotus Knows campaign and some of the places where it will start appearing initially Airports –  Boston, New York (JFK, & LGA) and Dallas Mass Transit – New York, New Jersey, Chicago and Boston Online, In Flight and others coming soon. This is just the initial launch, they have committed to taking this campaign further both in and out of the US Bob also shared some thoughts on recent comments from Microsoft Executives

“People need to recognize that Kevin Turner and Steve Ballmer have blown a lot of hot wind from Washington and there is not much substance or truth to what they are espousing in the marketplace,” Picciano said. “They were so bold as to say there are entire countries that have migrated off of Notes and that is utterly ridiculous.”

Lotus goes after Microsoft’s ‘ridiculous and fabricated’ figures Over the rest of the week it was great to spend time with the IBM team, fellow members of the GCPC, and friends, Paul really summed up the week nicely (just don’t believe him about the early bed time, he is only saying that to save face as he left the bar earlier then I did one night not something likely to happen again too soon) With LoLA behind me now it is time to get serious about my Lotusphere Abstracts

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  1. Adam Gartenberg
    September 24, 2009 | 1:38 pm

    Thanks for posting the photos of the ad- I’ve been looking around for one, and hadn’t seen anyone else that had put one up yet.