Adding Droid to Mobile UI Support in BlogSphere 3.0.2

I have been running an old beta build of the BlogSphere template for a while now, this week I finally got around to upgrading to the latest release 3.0.2.  One of the main features I was looking for in 3.0.2 was the built in mobile UI which supports iPhone and Blackberry.  When this site is loaded from either of those devices it now renders in a mobile version instead of the entire page making it much more readable. A picture named M2 When I checked the site on my Droid, it was still rendering as the full layout, not the mobile UI.   I decided to fire up the Designer Client and see what I can find ( yes I know I am an Admin, but I am still under my quota for Designer this year so I figured it’s use it or lose it).  I started out in the Script Libraries section and worked my way in to the “RenderEngine.Blog” Library where in the “InitializeRenderEngine” section I found this: A picture named M3 Without digging to much further I decided to try adding one line of code so it looked like this A picture named M4 I decided to leave the BrowserType set to iPhone since I really didn’t follow the logic forward, and figured the screen dimensions and layout are about the same.. Once I saved the changes I tried it again on my Droid, and sure enough it now renders in the mobile format A picture named M5 Note: I have not made these changes on my actual blog yet, I did this in my little sandbox where I had been testing the upgrade to 3.0.2.  I will make the change in this blog as soon as I can. Now that I have the template upgrade completed, I have to see if I can finish the redesign of the blog.  Nothing radical, mainly fixing a few things that don’t really work all that well and cleaning it up a little, though I highly doubt that it will happen before Lotusphere.

One Response to Adding Droid to Mobile UI Support in BlogSphere 3.0.2
  1. Gregg Ginsberg
    January 3, 2010 | 4:24 pm

    Thanks for the great tip. I have also added a condition for those with a Palm Pre:

    ElseIf InStr(CGI_UserAgent,”webOS”) >0 Then
    BrowserType = “iPhone”

    Note: make sure that the “w” in “webOS” is in lowercase.