Farewell Lotusphere 2010 and Thank You

So here I am again, waiting for a flight in MCO, almost awake for 24 hours ready to return home, and get back to the normal routine.  I can’t wait to get home and see my wife and kids, but at the same time it is always bittersweet leaving Lotusphere.

As always it will take me a few days to really step away from the week, and get a little rest before I can really put down in words a proper post or two with my thoughts and takeaways, but like I did last year, there are a number of people who should be thanked for the week.

First my wife, for a week she gets all 3 kids to herself, and the hectic schedule does not leave a lot of time to call home and chat.  There is no way I would be able to spent the time and effort that I do immersed in Lotusphere with out her support and understanding.

My employer who once again saw it fit to send me to Lotusphere again this year.

My co-presenter Adrian Spender for working with me to prepare and present a terrific session.  While Show and Tell sessions are quite a bit of work to prepare, we had a good time working on this session.

The Track Managers – they have a job I don’t envy, and have to make tough decisions, I certainly appreciated the opportunity to present at Lotusphere again this year.

Carl Tyler who graciously hosted me on his LotusphereLive platform which allowed me to easily live blog the OGS and Keynote sessions.

Ed and the Lotus PR team for once again inviting me to be part of the Lotusphere Blogger program.  I was thrilled to see the Blogger program repeated again this year, and even more thrilled to be invited back to participate again.

What a great week, so good to catch up with old friends, make some new ones, and meet the people behind the twitter ids.  Lotusphere really is about the people! If not before see you all on January 29, 2011 at ESPN

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