Lotusphere 2010 Day 2 Recap

A very busy Monday at Lotusphere, lots of live blogging, which I really have not had a chance to review yet, I hope it made some sense, and helped people follow along.  Either way two more keynotes and two more live blogs tomorrow morning here and over on the live site.   A few thoughts on the day OGS Since William Shatner finally was the OGS speaker who is everyone going to guess for next year? The OGS took a really different shape this year from years past.  Instead of seeing each of the product groups take their turn on stage we saw all the demos done moderated by Jeff Schick and Kevin Cavanaugh.  LotusLive took center stage at the OGS, and the hybrid model of connecting on premise solutions and cloud based ones together got a lot of time and attention.  All this led up to the Project Vulcan announcement at the end of the OGS. A few words on Vulcan, it is not a product, it does not have a ship date, it is not Notes 9 (nor does it replace Notes 9 or whatever they call it next).  It is a vision, and a strategy for the future of collaboration tools, and the evolution of the tools in to an open and extensible platform.  The vision showed this morning shows that Lotus understands the need to make all of their products and services work seamlessly together while also easily allowing other applications to integrate as well.  I think there is a really good story here, and I for one am interested to see more details as they start to develop the concepts in more detail. The announcement of Android support is very welcome, and Lotus will be developing Mail and Calendar applications for the Android platform in order to fully support it.  The availability of an iPhone app to support encrypted mail on the iphone is also a welcome announcement.  Not announced at the OGS, but Traveler FP1 shipped today adding support for Calendar Invitations on the iPhone – More very welcome news. There is a lot more to talk about from the OGS, and I will get to it in the coming days. Keynotes and there were lots of them! You can visit my live blog entries for the details, with the exception of Ed & Kevins Notes & Domino (and Protector, Alloy etc) session, I found them to be very heavy on customer stories, and light on future plans and demos.  I don’t think this reflects the lack of plans or software demos, I think the customer stories fit better with the Collaboration Agenda theme.  That said I would have liked to see more product futures detail today in the keynotes.   Tomorrow morning the  LotusLive/Cloud Computing and App Dev keynotes will take place follow them here or on my live site.     Next was off to the Blogger Fireside Chat with Alistair Rennie, Bob Picciano, Mike Rhodin Nathan typed as fast as he could and got most of it down, always nice to see how the Lotus execs take the time out to have these open and honest conversations with the bloggers. Bunch of receptions to wrap up the day and now it is time for some sleep before we do it all again tomorrow.

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  1. Roger Lim
    January 28, 2010 | 1:56 pm

    Who’s got the video to the opening with William Shatner?