Over Your Mail Quota? Try Sending From your Blackberry!

I know we are all trying so hard to stay at inbox zero in the new year and none of us are even close to our assigned mail quotas…….  If you have Quotas assigned to your mail file on a Domino Server a user over quota can not send mail if they automatically save sent mail.  What has been uncovered though is that the way the BES server interacts with the mail file uses a different API and lets a user over quota send and save mail.

You then install a BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Domino, but notice that users who have quota enabled for their mail files are still able to send mail from their BlackBerry devices.   Diagnosing the problem BlackBerry Enterprise Servers (BES) make calls to different Domino APIs depending on the action to be taken.

Resolving the problem To ensure that all processes, including APIs, adhere to quota setting that are configured for users, take the following steps: 1. From the Domino Administrator, click the Configuration tab, open the Server document for the server where the user’s mail file resides. 2. Click the Transactional Logging tab. 3. In the Quotas section > “Quota enforcement,” change it to “check file size when adding a note”.

Technote 1416495 Mail file quota settings are not enforced for BlackBerry users

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