Will You Recognize the People You Follow on Twitter @ #ls10? Try Recogniz.es

A couple of weeks back I posted A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, today along with my friend @jerseyschorr I am happy to announce the beta launch of recogniz.es.  What is recogniz.es?

Did you ever meet one of your Twitter friends in real life and have trouble putting their name, face and Twitter name together? Recogniz.es is here to help with that! Generate a printable contact sheet for your twitter following. Take it with you to conferences and tweetups. Never have another “who is that over there” embarrassing moment. Plan ahead and recognize your contacts.

We also provide the option to remove people you follow that do not have a photo from your contact sheet, to make it as compact and useful as possible. A picture named M2 We are still working on the known issues list, and have some future plans to extend the functionality both for Twitter, and to other Social Networks, but wanted to launch in beta before Lotusphere. Please give it a try and feedback is certainly welcome! Who Do you Recognize?

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