Making Google Analytics and Lotus Connections 2.5 Play Nicely Together

The other day I was working on integrating Google Analytics with an instance of Lotus Connections 2.5. This should be a relatively simple exercise as you can easily customize the Lotus Connections Footer, and  embed the Google Analytics code there, as the footer is rendered on every page.   Once I did this I found that Files and Wikis no longer loaded, they instead rendered as blank pages. Removing the Google Analytics code from the footer restored Files and Wikis to a working state. I put the question out on Twitter, and Jan Farnstrom was kind of enough to respond that he had the same issue, and had worked around it with some Javascript to exclude Google Analytics from Files and Wikis.  He was further kind enough to share his script.   Before I had a chance to work with his script I had a reply from Luis Benitez who had another solution.  Google Analytics recently introduced a new way to implement their tracking code Asynchronous Tracking.   “Asynchronous tracking is an improved way to track website visitors with Google Analytics. Unlike a traditional installation, asynchronous tracking optimizes how browsers load ga.js so its impact on user experience is minimized. It also allows you to put your Analytics snippet higher in the page without delaying subsequent content from rendering.” After implementing the Asynchronous Tracking code Files and Wikis worked just fine.

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  1. Luis Benitez
    February 25, 2010 | 3:45 pm

    Time to update my blog entry: { Link } Thanks!