Defining and Prioritizing Business Card Data Sources in Notes 8.5.2

Standard Disclaimer: Notes 8.5.2 is in beta and can still change before it ships.

I am not 100% sure this is a new feature in 8.5.2 but I have never seen this before, and can not find it documented anywhere else. If you use Notes, Connections (Profiles), and Sametime the business card in Lotus Notes can use elements from all three products to populate the business card information. ; The default order used by the business card is

1. Lotus Connections (Profiles)
2. Sametime
3. Notes

You can prioritize or disable sources by editing the plugin_customization.ini file. To change the order of prioritization you would add lines like this for each product.

The provider names are

Lotus Connections = profiles
Sametime =
Notes = NotesContacts

A sample prioritization would look like this.

You can use any letter assignments where I have used A,B, and C, what you need to remember is that the later in the alphabet the letter, the higher the priority. So in this example Sametime has been given a Higher priority then Connections since it is assigned a higher letter.

You can also disable a source altogether by using a line like this

where provider name is the same as listed above, so if you wanted to disable Notes Contact information it would look like this

While this is all fine and well, I think these settings would look great added to this section of the policy document
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One Response to Defining and Prioritizing Business Card Data Sources in Notes 8.5.2
  1. Chris Whisonant
    May 7, 2010 | 12:42 pm

    It would be good if it were configurable in the Connections Settings document, but remember that you can add these managed settings in the Desktop Settings document as of 8.5: { Link }

    Good post – looking forward to these options. Emoticon