Recap of the Verizon and Mashable Demo Event

Last night a colleague and I were lucky enough to snag tickets to a demo event held by Mashable and Verizon.  Not really knowing what to expect from the event, it seemed like it was worth a trip in to NYC for.   IMG00005-20101101-1814 There was no formal presentation, they just had stations set up around room showing some of the newer models that are shipping now or soon.  The Samsung Galaxt Tablet was on prominent display,  it was amusing to listen to the Samsung representative sell the virtues of the Galaxy Tablet over the iPad, while Verizon was demoing their iPad/Mifi bundles at other tables (and every Verizon employee seemed to have an iPad).  The Galaxy S and Fascinate were also on display. I asked the Verizon folks, though none of them really wanted to comment if they though they were pricing the Galaxy Tablet correctly for the market, I personally think at $599, they are a little high especially since they are now selling 16G Wifi iPads for $499.  I am definitely a fan of Android over iOS, but Apple has been in the market longer, I don’t know how the 7 inch Galaxy is going to draw people over the 10″ iPad display at a cost of $599 (the Galaxy does have front and rear facing cameras, though it does not seem to have any software that takes advantage of the front facing camera yet). No one from Verizon would comment on the often rumored Verizon iPhone either, and while that seems to happening sooner rather then later, Verizon is obviously not backing off from the Android platform at all. The Droid Pro was also on display, while there is no ship date yet, this is the first Verizon Droid that GSM capability and will work outside the US, and with it’s physical keyboard and blackberry like form factor, might be the Android phone that can win over some long time Blackberry users.   We also got a look at the ultimate geek phone, the R2-D2 Droid 2 IMG00010-20101101-1933 They raffled off a Droid 2, Samsung Fascinate, Droix X (which my colleague walked off with), and an R2-D2 Droid 2.   Thanks to Verizon and Mashable for the event .

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