Disabling Transaction Logging on a Server running DAOS

If you are running DAOS, you know that Transaction Logging is a prerequisite to enable DAOS on your server.  Ever wondered what would happen if you turned Transaction Logging off?  I tried it, and am actually really pleased with how this was implemented.

When you go in to your server document and change Transaction Logging to Disabled, when you save the document you get this warning:


and then when you say OK you get this:


What is happening here is any new attachments will now be stored in the NSF file, instead of the DAOS store (obviously losing any DAOS benefits), but the key is that any attachments already stored in the DAOS store will continue to work just fine, when a document is accessed the associated attachment will be there as it was when Transaction Logging was enabled.

I am of course not suggesting that you go try this on your production servers, but it is nice to see that there is some resiliency built in to DAOS, and should anything go wrong with your Transaction Logs, DAOS will keep serving up attachments. 

After transaction logging is re-enabled attachments will automatically go back to being stored in the DAOS store, however you will have to run a Compact –c on all databases to get the attachments that were stored in the NSF while Transaction Logging was disabled moved to DAOS.

If by some chance you have not yet looked at DAOS, you might want to grab the DAOS Estimator tool and start calculating your potential disk savings, and don’t forget the impact DAOS can have on your backups as well.

Additional Information:

Technote 1425017: Can Transactional Logging be disabled while DAOS is enabled?

Notes and Domino Wiki: DAOS FAQ

One Response to Disabling Transaction Logging on a Server running DAOS
  1. Ulrich Krause
    December 23, 2010 | 10:16 am

    Thanks for this. Always wanted to try this. Your post will now be part of my DAOS presentation.