NFL Wild Card Weekend reviewing my (terrible) picks


If you missed my picks for Wild Card Weekend, well you didn’t miss much.  I finished up the weekend 1-3, the bright side of which is the one game I really cared about, was the one I picked right. Road teams took the weekend 3-1, with the Seahawks scoring the only win for home teams.

Saints @ Seahawks My Pick: Saints Winner: Seahawks

I can’t be the only one who got this one wrong, the 7-9 Saints advance to the division round, and the defending SuperBowl Champs go home.  With Saturday’s win the Saints are now 8-9, one more win they might get to .500 this season.

Jets @Colts My Pick: Colts Winner: Jets

Another tough week of NY sports talk radio ahead for me with the Jets win on Saturday.  Has this game been in the Meadowlands I would have picked the Jets, I am surprised they were able to beat the Colts in Indy.

Ravens @ Chiefs My Pick: Chiefs Winner: Ravens

Sorry Kansas City…..  not much else to say, nice turn around season for the Chiefs, they have a young QB, maybe they build on it next year.

Packers @ Eagles My Pick: Packers Winner: Packers

It’s always a happy day when the Eagles are eliminated (even better if the Giants are the ones to eliminate them).  The Eagles played tough, and certainly surprising to see David Akers miss two FG in one game.  The last few minutes were nerveracking as it was almost a Deja vu of the Giants / Eagles game in week 15, but Desean Jackson was hurt, and the Packers punter actually knew where to put the ball, so the Packers move on.

Stay tuned later this week for my division round pics.  Like the Seahawks, I still have a chance to get to .500 as unlikely as that may be. 

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