Lotusphere Recap: Sunday Jumpstart Day #LS11

Jumpstart day was a little different for me this year then in past years.  I generally try to do something different on Jumpstart day, attend a session out of my area of expertise, in the past that has generally meant finding a Development session to get through, this year that didn’t happen, I had a busy day that left little time for sessions.  The day went something like this

Business Development Day OGS: This was a first for me to attend, as a customer an opportunity for me to hear a slightly different angle on the Lotus Strategy. Much like the OGS on Monday this session ran a bit long, but the panel they brought up on stage was a little more engaging than the ones on Monday morning.  Overall good experience to sit through, not sure I would invest the time again next year.

JMP206: How I Went Beyond the Hype, Narcissism, and Trendiness to Become a Social Software Super HeroBruce promised “something different” and he and Chris Martin delivered.  A 2 hour session on how to effectively use Social Media with some thoughts of their own, and videos of others with in and very importantly from outside of the Lotus Community.  Two of my favorite slides from the week came in this session:



Sunday afternoon shifted from sessions to other events.  First Lunch, presentations, and informal networking with the IBM Accelerated Value Program (formerly Premium Support) team and other Accelerated Value customers.  Followed by a reception and meeting for LotusLive design partners.

This took me to the Lotusphere opening reception, which I still have not quite figured out what the theme was but involved these people (or were they props, decorations? really not sure)


This is a real person, there were a bunch of these around he would freeze and appear to be a statue, and start moving in time to freak out the closest person


Cupcake anyone?

And finally the strangest one of all

Nothing like being stopped for a conversation with a head sticking out of a table, and she stopped whoever she could for a conversation.

There were a lot of other people doing all kinds of interesting things floating around the opening reception, while I didn’t get a chance to capture them all, I think you get the idea.

Dinner, the first visit of LS11 to Kimonos, and a (relatively) early end to Sunday, getting ready for the OGS and a very busy Monday.


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