20 Random Thoughts from Lotusphere 2012

Still trying to catch up from Lotusphere, until I get to some more detailed posts here are 20 random thoughts from this years event.

1. Manta at Seaworld is an awesome ride.

2. My bathroom was the most photographed bathroom at Lotusphere.

3. Lotusphere beat Mat Newman in round one, but he came back with a knockout punch in round 2 (even if he did try to blame me)

4. Darren Duke did not permanently ruin any of my favorite songs at Kimonos this year.. thanks Darren

5. Never having eaten a Pretzel Cookie myself I am not sure I get the obsession, though until this year I though they were universally loved, now I know otherwise.

6. In a bar at 1:30 in the morning Paul Mooney is evil.

7. After a terrific year last year the WiFi was terrible this year – the positive side of that I live blogged less than I planned and enjoyed the sessions more as a result.

8. Ask the Product Managers  terrific again, good questions, some humor, and good information.  Ask the Developers, not so much I have tired of this session and rarely go anymore (hint if you have a specific, in depth technical question visit the Meet the Developer labs all week, don’t save it for Thursday afternoon).

9. Way too many things happening at the same time during the week, you have to make tough decisions what to attend and what to skip.

10. Vendor showcase had a different feel this year, less shirts then ever before, but good to see some new faces, and a number of vendors exhibiting solutions for IBM Connections.

11. The Droid X battery held up well during the week with help from this, I learned this week that when the battery meter goes red there is still plenty of life left.

12. Great guest speakers this year Michael J Fox, Tim Berners-Lee,  Dr. Burns from Childrens Hospital of Boston, Manoj Saxena GM of IBM Watson.  It was all going so well until the closing session.

13. Always make time to spend in the Innovation Labs at Lotusphere, what they are showing this year in the Innovation Lab has a good chance of being a product/feature next year.

14. Stuart McIntyre travels with a replica of the Death Star.

15. The Giants should play the Packers in the playoffs every year during Lotusphere.

16. 89 sleep deprived geeks drinking beer on the Disney Fantasia Gardens mini-golf course and for the fourth year in a row no one was hurt, nothing short of a miracle.

17. OK Go, LS12, LS12u and OGS all trending on Twitter.

18. Never watch a football game with Mat Newman the beers keep coming at you faster than a Pez Dispenser.

19. No Laptop… No Problem

20. No I didn’t really do this on Sunday I just sat for the picture.

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2 Responses to 20 Random Thoughts from Lotusphere 2012
  1. Roger Lim
    January 23, 2012 | 10:30 am

    I’m so glad you didn’t have an extension cord running to the bathtub during Lotusphere. But all those devices plugged in right next to the sink doesn’t quite look like the safest thing to do.

    I almost got away with the “No Laptop” goal. Unfortunately, I needed to do something with a Notes database one night while I was at Lotusphere.

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