Why I Didn’t Like You in 2011 (Follow-up)

A year ago I posted Why I Won’t Like You in 2011 before I post some thoughts for working differently in 2012 I thought it would be worthwhile to take a look back and see how I fared against the 2011 version.

See the original post for a detailed explanation of each item

1. “Like” Less Often – I didn’t count the number of times I clicked Like in 2011 vs 2010, but I believe I used the Like button less and commented more, something I hope to continue in 2012.

2. Inbox Zero – so the goal was not really zero it was to end every workday with the inbox not scrolling.  There were months at a time where I managed to stick to this goal, and months at a time where I wasn’t even in the ballpark. In 2012 I have to continue to manage the inbox and make sure the items requiring my attention can be found and focused on.

3. Comment More on Blogs I read – again I don’t have absolute numbers to compare, but I know I made an effort to comment when I found something helpful, or had a different opinion.

4. Share Differently – one of my goals was to consolidate more posting to one place (posterous) which I think I accomplished (135 posts to posterous in 2011 vs 38 in 2010).  I definitely allowed this effort to be somewhat derailed when Twitter introduced their own photo sharing service earlier in the year, which I have to admit I am a fan of, have to think a little more about when Twitter is the right place to upload a photo and when posterous is more appropriate.

The best new tools of 2011 for me were

ThinkUp – providing me with a personal archive of my Twitter, Facebook, and now Google+ Activity.

Buffer – an easy way to spread sharing of links out over time

ifttt – if this then that, I shared my favorite ifttt recipe a few weeks ago, look for more about ifttt in my 2012 post.

Spool – I blogged about Spool in November, I no longer use Instapaper at all, Spool is my only tool for saving items to read later.

Did you change any habits in 2011? Find any new tools that saved you time? If you did please share them in a comment.

4 Responses to Why I Didn’t Like You in 2011 (Follow-up)
  1. David Goldstein
    January 4, 2012 | 10:57 am

    Your original “Why I Won’t Like You in 2011” post lead me to adjust my “Like” behavior. I find now that before clicking the Like button I ask myself if I can verbalize why I’m clicking it which, in turn, leads to more comments and less Likes. This is actually a good thing.

    As for what photos to share via Posterous and Twitter: I tend to share one-off snapshots on Twitter (via some kind of pic sharing, no need to discuss those details here). Posterous is more for series of pics or oddball stuff that I’d like to comment on more than Twitter will allow. That being said I haven’t posted to Posterous in the last 6 months and have resolved for 2012 to use it more/better.

    • Mitch Cohen
      January 4, 2012 | 11:21 am

      Stay tuned tomorrow for the 2012 edition

  2. Rob Darwin
    January 4, 2012 | 11:47 am

    I also benefited from your like vs. comment thoughts- I’m going to use that. Thanks Mitch!

  3. Anna
    January 5, 2012 | 10:54 am

    I am not familiar with many of the tools you mention at the end, will have to check them out in 2012!