Instagram is Coming to Android Should I Care?

Last night I came across the story above that Instagram is coming to Android, which now leaves me wondering should I care? should I be excited?  Since I do not currently own an iOS device with a camera I haven’t tried Instagram to date, however I see lots of Instagram photos on Facebook and Twitter.

So I ask all of you Instagram lovers out there, what will I be able to do with Instagram that I am not already able to do?  Post to Facebook and Twitter at the same time? I can already do that, take pictures with different filters? I can already do that.

This leaves me wondering what do I get out of Instagram? Other then yet another social network to build a network on?

Apparently the Android version will be better than the iOS version.

2 Responses to Instagram is Coming to Android Should I Care?
  1. Roger Lim
    March 12, 2012 | 9:48 am

    I myself have been overwhelmed by the near overabundance of these social networking Apps. In some ways, I missed those days when almost everyone (at least in the US) was on AIM. I think you you will find some use in this App, easier to get photos up there on different places. At least you can do some small edits before they go up. You don’t take alot of photos, do you? 😉

  2. Harald Gaerttner
    March 12, 2012 | 10:00 am

    Yes, for me it’s mainly the option to post to several social networks at once.

    Instagram allows
    – Twitter
    – Facebook
    – Tumblr
    – Foursquare
    (+ Posterous and Flickr which I personally don’t use).

    What I like most is that it’s quite easy to select/deselect to which services I like to post. As I don’t post to all but selectiv on the kind of picture this is very valuable for me.

    I subscribed to some people’s photostream but that’s definately not the main reason for uing Instagram.

    So If I know I take this picture with the main purpose of uploading to a social stream then it’s Instagram for me.
    If it’s something else it’s either Camera+ or the Apple built-in camera.

    PS: I think the main reason to try Instagram was the sharing option for Tumblr and Foursquare in addition to the big two. Most apps still don’t have those two as a standard sharing option.