Instagram Revisited (OK So I like it)

Back in March when Instagram announced it was coming to Android I asked if I should care.  Of course when Instagram shipped for Android  I tried it.  Almost 100 pictures later I have to admit I like it.  I am still not sure I get it though.

What do I like about Instagram? The camera interface is simple, and takes decent pictures, I almost never use the filters, or effects, though it does do a good job of adjusting the lighting when needed.  I like the ability to easily share with Twitter and Facebook, and the speed at which it uploads.

As for what I don’t get, I don’t get the need to build yet another network.  I see my friends Instagram photos on Twitter and Facebook (yes I realize you can take a picture and only share it in Instagram) but lets be realistic, your great photo that you want your friends to see is getting shared on Twitter and Facebook, not just on Instagram.

For now I use Instagram, my photo stream there is public, and I follow no one not because I don’t care, but because I believe I am already following you elsewhere, where the pics you want me to see will be posted.

Of course there is that small matter of the pending Facebook acquisition, so this could all change again soon.

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