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Why the Playbook Supports Flash


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Problem and Solution installing BrightKite on my Blackberry

Chris Miller announced this afternoon the return of IdoCheckin for Lotusphere 2010.   I regularly use Brightkite , and I recently had a problem configuring the Brightkite for Blackberry application on to my Blackberry Tour, so I thought now would be a good time to share ( I never determined the cause of the problem, as you will see below others had the same issue, so I am not saying you will have the problem, but if you do hope this helps)  Every time I tried to login to Brightkite, I received the following error on my Blackberry:

Network Error: Your network coverage is insuffucient for a data connection to Brightkite.  Try again later.

I found this a  bit odd since my network coverage was fine, and to the best of my knowledge there were no policies on the BES server preventing me from using the GPS, or the application itself.  I tried uninstalling, rebooting and reinstalling same result. Finally after searching around a little I found the answer in a conversation on Brightkite.  The solution was to check the box for “Disable Connection Check” A picture named M2 I am not really sure what the “Connection Check” is, and it gives a nasty warning about why disabling it is bad”

Disabling the network connection check may result in errors.  It is HIGHLY recommended that you leave this enabled!!

but I ignored that and continued and sure enough it fixed the problem!

Over Your Mail Quota? Try Sending From your Blackberry!

I know we are all trying so hard to stay at inbox zero in the new year and none of us are even close to our assigned mail quotas…….  If you have Quotas assigned to your mail file on a Domino Server a user over quota can not send mail if they automatically save sent mail.  What has been uncovered though is that the way the BES server interacts with the mail file uses a different API and lets a user over quota send and save mail.

You then install a BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Domino, but notice that users who have quota enabled for their mail files are still able to send mail from their BlackBerry devices.   Diagnosing the problem BlackBerry Enterprise Servers (BES) make calls to different Domino APIs depending on the action to be taken.

Resolving the problem To ensure that all processes, including APIs, adhere to quota setting that are configured for users, take the following steps: 1. From the Domino Administrator, click the Configuration tab, open the Server document for the server where the user’s mail file resides. 2. Click the Transactional Logging tab. 3. In the Quotas section > “Quota enforcement,” change it to “check file size when adding a note”.

Technote 1416495 Mail file quota settings are not enforced for BlackBerry users

Adding Droid to Mobile UI Support in BlogSphere 3.0.2

I have been running an old beta build of the BlogSphere template for a while now, this week I finally got around to upgrading to the latest release 3.0.2.  One of the main features I was looking for in 3.0.2 was the built in mobile UI which supports iPhone and Blackberry.  When this site is loaded from either of those devices it now renders in a mobile version instead of the entire page making it much more readable. A picture named M2 When I checked the site on my Droid, it was still rendering as the full layout, not the mobile UI.   I decided to fire up the Designer Client and see what I can find ( yes I know I am an Admin, but I am still under my quota for Designer this year so I figured it’s use it or lose it).  I started out in the Script Libraries section and worked my way in to the “RenderEngine.Blog” Library where in the “InitializeRenderEngine” section I found this: A picture named M3 Without digging to much further I decided to try adding one line of code so it looked like this A picture named M4 I decided to leave the BrowserType set to iPhone since I really didn’t follow the logic forward, and figured the screen dimensions and layout are about the same.. Once I saved the changes I tried it again on my Droid, and sure enough it now renders in the mobile format A picture named M5 Note: I have not made these changes on my actual blog yet, I did this in my little sandbox where I had been testing the upgrade to 3.0.2.  I will make the change in this blog as soon as I can. Now that I have the template upgrade completed, I have to see if I can finish the redesign of the blog.  Nothing radical, mainly fixing a few things that don’t really work all that well and cleaning it up a little, though I highly doubt that it will happen before Lotusphere.

I Can See Clearly Now the Rain is Gone

Well actually not the rain but the Storm…. Blackberry Storm that is A picture named M2 I went back at looked at my first impressions of the Storm, and how I felt after having it for a week, and the reality is it was all downhill from there.  Even with frequent OS upgrades to the device it remained slow, the rotation of the screen from portrait to landscape was terrible and often had a mind of it’s own, and I never got used to the typing on it.  Probably the most frustrating part was the lack of application support for the Storm (yes most applications ran, but did not take advantage of the full screen, and in many cases were hindered by the on screen keyboard)..   Now it is possible that I am throwing in the towel at exactly the wrong time as this week the Storm was the first device to receive the upgrade to  Blackberry OS 5.0 but I am happy to let other test and report back on OS 5.0.    Of course the Storm 2 is also shipping and by all reports seems to be somewhat improved (and in a first for a Verizon Blackberry has WIFI) but I am done with the Storm series for now. Replacing the Storm is the Blackberry Tour A picture named M3 While it is too soon to have any real in depth comments about the tour, the feel of the familiar Blackberry keyboard feels good, and makes it real easy to type.  I am in the process of downloading and setting up my applications. Before you ask, yes I use my iPhone with Lotus Traveler more then the Blackberry these days, but still have some needs for the Blackberry.  In the next few weeks I expect to be using the Blackberry more as there are some new applications I will be configuring and testing on the Blackberry (more on that another time for now I will leave you guessing).

Blackberry OS 5.0 and Why Apple Got it Right with the iPhone

You all probably know by now I love my iPhone, not there aren’t things that don’t drive me crazy about it (beyond just the poor battery life).  Apple does like to control every last aspect of the device and they can drive us all crazy with their ridiculous App Store approval process (and where is my iPhone app for Google Voice already?). There is however one area where Apple got it right is that they control the OS when they decide their OS is ready for the device they release it via iTunes the individual carriers are not involved. On the other hand we have RIM who can only pass OS upgrades out via the individual carriers, who seem to generally take 8-12 weeks to test and finally release any updates.   This morning an an article on the new Blackberry OS (5.0) caught my eye, it provided a list of existing devices which will officially support OS 5.0

It would appear now that RIM will be making available to carriers BlackBerry OS 5.0 upgrades for a variety of their previous generation models. Models that are expected to have OS 5.0 upgrades available include: Bold 9000, Curve 8330/8350i/8900, Pearl Flip 8220/8230, Storm 9500/9530, and Tour 9630. Right now, these are the only previous generation BlackBerry models expected to be able to run the version 5.0 OS.

It all sounded good until you get to the next paragraph

The one part of the situation that RIM will not likely be talking about is the fact that it will be up to the actual carriers to pass the OS 5.0 with their devices in technical acceptance testing and then decide if they will actually make it available to their customers. What this actually means is that you actually may own a device that is able to run version 5.0 of the OS, but the carrier may elect to not make it available for whatever reason.

So yep you got it RIM will release the OS to the mobile carriers, who may or may not actually make it available to subscribers, where is the logic in that?  Yes I know there are ways around the carriers to upgrade the OS on a device, but I really think RIM needs to work harder with the carriers to improve this process. I also wonder how Apple will deal with this as the iPhone becomes available on more networks, but I hope they stay with their current model.  BlackBerry OS 5 on the horizon

Running BES 5.0 Server on Domino 8.0.x You Need to Know This

If you have or plan on upgrading your BES Server to 5.0 and running it on a Domino 8.0.x server you want to be aware of SDR 287348

In a Lotus Domino version 8.0 environment, the BlackBerry Messaging Agent might take longer than expected to send messages and calendar items to BlackBerry devices, and in certain circumstances, BlackBerry devices might not activate with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. This issue impacts users whose mail file path in the operating system has a different case than the mail file path specified in the person document. Workaround Perform one of the following workarounds: (1) Verify that the mail file path for users in the operating system is the same as the mail file path for those users specified in the person document. (2) In HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREResearch In MotionBlackBerry Enterprise ServerAgents, change the DWORD value PollByMailServer to 0.

This information can be found in the Blackberry Enterprise Server for IBM Lotus Domino Version 5.0 Release Notes

Updated Lotus Connections Client for Blackberry shipping on May 8th

Looking over todays IBM Press Release  from WES I noticed that there is now a ship date for the new Lotus Connections Blackberry client from RIM

The next generation BlackBerry Client for Lotus Connections, developed by RIM and available May 8, will meet a need in corporate human resources to help manage an increasingly mobile workforce through social networks with blogs, activities, communities and tag clouds. Now, employees can form communities adding new contacts at conferences and other meetings while inventorying skills and expertise in the process. In addition, tag clouds help drill down through information on a myriad of contacts to the core expertise being sought locally or globally, wherever the customer may be.

The press release also contains some announcements regarding Sametime and LotusLive clients for the Blackberry IBM Helps Customers Work Smarter With New Software and Services for BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0

Blackberry Account Managers Provide Excellent Customer Support

I am in NYC today attending an IBM Premium Support customer summit.  The summit is a one day event which features presentations, as well as the opportunity to network with other customers and catch up with out Premium Support Manager.  The first presentation was given by Mark Howden a Technical Account Manager for Research in Motion on the RIM/IBM Partnership.  File this fact away for a little later in the story. For those of you who don’t know me I am obsessed with battery life on my devices (that is probably why I own one of these).  Well after a heavy day of Blackberry/Phone use yesterday I somehow forgot to charge it last night.  I had my laptop with me today, but did not have a Micro-USB cable you might recall I have a Blackberry Storm (as opposed to a Mini-USB cable which every other Blackberry uses). Sadly around 10 AM my Blackberry battery was dead and I had no way to charge it.  A little while ago on the afternoon break I was chatting with Mark from RIM (our first presenter of the day) and mentioned my battery died.  He reached in his bag and swapped a spare fully charged battery he had for my dead battery putting me back in business. Now that is customer service!

Blackberry App World – What happens to your purchased apps when you switch devices

Yesterday I purchased my first App from Blackberry App World, while it was hardly a major investment  (I purchased TalkLock for $2.99) it got me wondering about what happens to your purchased applications if you switch devices. A little digging around brought me to Blackberry KB17625 Transferring BlackBerry App World items to a new BlackBerry smartphone. The good news is purchases are transferable all you need to do is install App World on the new device, and login with the same Paypal account used previously on the old device which will give you the ability to reinstall your applications. A bonus tip for using Paypal with App World (and yes Paypal is the only method of payment supported by App World).  Paypal offers an optional Security Token as additional protection for your account.  I have had one of these for a while it takes an extra 3 seconds to push the button and enter your code when logging in, but I think it is a good layer of security for my  account. A picture named M2 When I log in on my PC after entering my password I get an additional prompt for the six digit number.  I wondered how this would work on App World, the answer is simply append the six digit code to your password when logging in on the Blackberry.