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Abe and Jack's six month checkup

Abe and Jack turned six months old on Tuesday, and today went to the doctor for their six month checkup.  Drumroll please…. here are the results Abe is 14 lb 4 oz and and 25 1/4 inches Abe - 6 month checkup Jack is 17 lb 5 oz and 26 3/4 inches Jack-6 month checkup Tomorrow morning Abe and Jack get to try food for the first time, and I will have the video camera rolling to capture the moment.

Happy Birthday Molly

In a very busy week of milestones for Molly today she turns five!  Happy Birthday Molly! IMG_8365 Note: For those of you  following along at home on Twitter to avoid any confusion this past Sunday we had Molly’s birthday party, today is her actual birthday.

Molly's first day of kindergarten

We are all very proud of Molly as she headed out for her first day of kindergarten today. IMG_8654

Abe and Jack's four month checkup (updated)

Time is sure flying by here, Abe and Jack had their four month checkups today, and are both growing nicely.  Abe weighed in at 12 lb .5oz (updated as my wife pointed out that I had posted two pictures of Jack (not quite sure how I managed that) but this is indeed Abe now) IMG_7706 and Jack weighed in at 14 lb 13oz IMG_7701 If you are interested you can compare the results of their two month checkup.

Don't mess with these guys!

Abe and Jack @ 3 months 2008-06-24 to 6-26 A visit to WO 008  (2) (Grandma and Grandpa get credit for this picture)

The Graduate!

Molly at her pre-school graduation, she did a great job with her lines and all the songs made her parents and grandparents very proud! thegraduate

The twins 2 month checkup

Hard to believe but tomorrow Abe and Jack are two months old, and today they went to the doctor for their checkup.  They are both doing well and growing nicely.  Weighing in at 8 lb 15 oz is Abe, pictured here on the scale IMG_5547 and weighing in at 10 lb 4 oz is Jack IMG_5545

Things you find in the cabinets when cleaning for passover

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The twins have names (finally)

We had the Bris for our sons today, and they now have names.  The baby formerly known as “A” was named Abraham Jared, and is being called Abe.  The baby formerly known as “B” was named Jack Benjamin, and is being called Jack. Will be trying to get back to some normal blogging, but it might be a bit slow until after Passover.

Two weeks have flown by

The twins are two weeks old today, they are both doing great and we have scheduled their Bris for next Sunday at which time we will give them their names External Image I am headed back to the office this week, and try to sink back in to work, lots to catch up on with Quickr 8.1 and Sametime advanced, as well as Lotus Connections stuff I am working on, and lots of beta code refreshes that need to be downloaded and installed.