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Conference Calls in Real Life

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Best Sports Report Ever

41 Seinfeld references in a sports report, just brilliant

No iPhones or iPads in 2015?

Back to the Futures one of my favorite moves (all 3 of them)

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The Back to the Future trilogy are among my favorite movies, one of the reasons seeing Michael J Fox live on stage in January was so great.


Did Samsung copy Apple?

My next phone will be a Samsung Galaxy SIII regardless, did they copy Apple? Not according to this 🙂 .

The Internet Flowchart


The Missing iPhone 5

Tech Companies Org Charts


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An Update is Available For Your Computer

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The Problem With E-Books


Rhymes With Orange

These are the People Who Send E-mail to Ask if E-mail is Down

Twitter Status From Twitter Status I wonder why they even bother with Tweet buttons on this page