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Update strategy for IBM Connections 3.0.1

Running or upgrading to IBM Connections 3.0.1? A new technote published today is definitely worth your time.  Titled “Update strategy for IBM Connections 3.0.1”, the technote breaks down in 4 sections some important details about IBM Connections 3.0.1

1. General Information – explains how fixes will be released for Connections 3.0.1 via CR (Component Refresh)

2. Customization and Modifications – an overview of how to customize Connections, what modifications are supported, and any implications they have on fixes/future upgrades

3. List of the Latest CR’s – easily check if you have the latest fixes against this list

4. Instructions on applying Component Refresh (CR) updates – helpful tips for applying updates.

The technote contains many useful links to additional information in each section.

Technote 1504380: Update strategy for IBM Connections 3.0.1

IBM Connections August Mobile Update is Available for Download

Looks like these updates might be monthly, with a new update now available for the IBM Connections Mobile service.  The July Fix is required to use the Connections Mobile Clients, and there is now an August update as well.



The APAR Document (login required) is blank, but this seems to fix the issue where the Mobile App responded with “the July 2011 mobile fix needs to be installed” when it was actually installed on the server already.  Thanks to Chris Whisonant for help figuring out at least one of the fixed issues.

Will update if I find an actual fix list.

Accessing IBM Connections from a Mobile Device: FAQs

A new technote has been published with an FAQ for accessing IBM Connections from a Mobile Device. 


There are only a few questions out there right now, but looks like they should be updating this document with more questions in the future.

IBM Connections Mobile Apps for Android, Blackberry and IOS

IBM Connections 3.0.1 Mobile Fix required for Mobile Clients

Technote 1508576: Accessing IBM Connections from a Mobile Device: FAQs

IBM Connections Clients now available for Android, Blackberry & iOS

Last week the Android client for IBM Connections was released in to the Android Market, over the last 24 hours the Blackberry and iOS apps found their way in to their respective app stores as well.

Remember you need to install the Mobile Fix on your IBM Connections 3.0.1 Servers before you can use the clients.

The IBM clients limit you to connecting to one Connections instance which should cover most people, if you need to connect to multiple Connections instances you can always check out iWildFire which supports multiple instances.

Direct Links to Clients




IBM Connections 3.0.1 Update Installer and Mobile Fix available

The Mobile Update to enable the Android Mobile App (iOS and Blackberry apps still waiting approval in their app stores)  is now available from Fix Central.


For more information on the Mobile Apps for IBM Connections see this post on The Connections Blog. Chris Whisonant has already updated BleedYellow if you want to test them out

Direct Links to Fixes

IBM Connections Update Installer (July 2011 Mobile Update)

Using the DB2 Control Center to Connect to a Remote Database

DB2CCWhen using DB2 you might want to use the Control Center GUI to query or manage a database that resides on a remote machine, took me a little time to work out and I promised others I would share this.  I am sure there is more then one way to accomplish this, your mileage may vary.

Before you begin you need to collect the following information

  1. Fully Qualified Hostname where the DB2 database resides
  2. Services file entry for the database – this will include the instance name and port number (default is 50000, but could be different depending on your DB2 Configuration
  3. The Database Name to connect to
  4. The operating system of the DB2 Install
  5. Username & Password to connect to the Database

You can get this information from your friendly Database administrator or find it yourself.  If you have access to the physical machine where DB2 is installed you can get the instance name and port number from the services file on that machine.

Before you begin edit the Services file on the machine with the DB2 Client, simply cut and paste the entry from the DB2 host machine for example this would represent two unique DB2 instances

db2_LC3    50000/tcp
DB2_LC25  60000/tcp

From the DB2 Control center (on the client machine) launch the Configuration Assistant


From the ‘Selected’ dropdown choose Add a Database Using Wizard


Select Manually configure a connections to a database and click Next


Select TCP/IP as the communications protocol


Enter the FQHN of the DB2 server and the Service name (that you added to the services file above) use the “Retrieve” button to fill in the port number (from the services file)


Fill in the database name (in this example I am connecting to an IBM Connections Profiles DB named PEOPLEDB.  Assign an Alias – Aliases must be unique, for example I might connect to a production and test PEOPLEDB, the aliases must be unique (aliases are also limited to 8 characters the first of which must be alpha).  Optionally you can add a descriptive comment.


Simply accept the defaults on this screen


Use the dropdown to fill in your operating system, and fill in the Instance Name, the instance name is the same value you put in the System file


Fill in the system name using the same value as instance name above, the other fields should already be filled in


Keep the default of Use authentication value in server’s DMB Configuration (unless you are using a different authentication method).  Click Finish when you are doneimage

Click on Test Connection to verify your work


Enter your database username and password (username is most likely LCUSER for an IBM Connections database) and click Test Connections


If you see this you have completed the setup successfully, if not go back and double check your work


Once you have successfully created connections to DB2 databases you can back them up, or share them with others.  See Exporting a configuration profile using the Configuration Assistant and Configuring database connections using a client profile with the Configuration Assistant for details on importing and exporting.

Fix for Duplicate E-mail Digests in IBM Connections 3.0.x

I ran in to this issue yesterday, and thanks to Luis Benitez and David Hay for steering me in the right direction.

This problem on occurs in multi-node deployments of IBM Connections, and fortunately there is a fix out there for both 3.0 and 3.0.1.

“Problem Users are receiving multiple copies of email digests sent from scheduled daily/weekly task ‘EmailDigestDelivery’.

Problem description The problem occurs on a multi-node deployment. The bug is in the load balancing (same scheduled delivery tasks is running in parallel on the different nodes) of scheduled tasks logic. Apply this iFix to address the load balancing problem in ‘News’ application. “


Direct Link to the fix

Default tdiserver Will Not Launch

Yesterday I was working with a fresh install of Tivoli Directory Integrator 7.0 Fix Pack 5 (the required version for IBM Connections), every time I tried to run an assembly line I was faced with this message

5-11-2011 7-41-08 PM

Looking at the log I saw this error ‘api.remote.naming.port’ : ‘1099null’

5-11-2011 7-41-38 PM

Searching around I find suggestions to check the Default.tdiserver file in the Workspace directory, but the value there looked correct.

Finally I found this entry in the Lotus Connections Wiki, which contained this information

“Tivoli Directory Integrator Configuration Editor port issue: If you see the message "Invalid value specified for ‘api.remote.naming.port’ " when working with the Tivoli Directory Integrator Configuration Editor, you can resolve the issue by manually setting the api.remote.naming.port in the file located in the <TDI_solution _directory>.”

Sure enough when I looked in my solution.propertied I found the bad entry

5-11-2011 7-43-09 PM

Once I removed the ‘null’ appended to the port and restarted TDI, the default server started right up

5-11-2011 7-49-06 PM

Notes 8.5.2 FP2 and Lotus Connections Plugins Might Not Play Nicely Together

Back in February I blogged about the Lotus Connections Files and Status Updates Plugins for Lotus Notes.  These are excellent plugins that I use every day, and I would recommend them to anyone running both Lotus Notes and IBM Connections.

If you are running Notes 8.5.2 with Fix Pack 2, apparently a fix to the Connections code in Fix Pack 2, broke the Files and Status plugins, from the technote:


Technote 1495765: Installing FP2 for Notes breaks both the Files and the Status Updates 3.0 gold plug-ins

IBM Connections 3.0.1 is Available for Download

IBM Connections 3.0.1 is now available for download


Check out this video of what’s new in IBM Connections 3.0.1