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Can Widgets get users excited about Lotus Notes?

In a meeting I was in today a conversation came up about Widgets in the Notes 8 client. Sure we all love widgets but what are we really doing with them?  I think Widgets are part of the answer (note I said part, I am not saying it is the complete answer) to marketing Lotus Notes and getting the end users excited about using Notes There are widget catalogs available on the Greenhouse, and  openNTF, but lets take a closer look at what it really out there The Greenhouse currently has 35 Widgets in the Notes/Domino Category, pictured here are the 11 top downloaded the other 24 have between 0 -10 downloads each A picture named M2 The openNTF Catalog has a grand total of 6 widgets with a grand total of 104 downloads (I do realize that openNTF is in the middle of significant changes for the better and some issues are being worked out that should increase the number of contributions) A picture named M3 Look at some of the widgets out there Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Linkedin, Google Map, Google Docs, the Greenhouse even has a widget for, which is great for baseball junkies like me.   Installing a widget from either of these sites could not be easier, all you need to do is drag and drop them in to your Notes Client, and while some require a client restart others don’t even require that much effort to get up and running. I believe the average person would find something useful in these widget collections, something that would make their life easier in some way every day, something that would make them just a little more productive, and therefore make their lives just that much easier which would make them love notes just a little bit more, maybe even show their friends the cool things they can do in Lotus Notes.  Well it is not happening based on the download numbers shown above. So how do we make users more aware of the different tools available to them in Lotus Notes? Lets take a look, if I visit LinkedIn I see this A picture named M4 Take a look at the instructions on TripIt this is a site that has received acclaim for it’s ability to integrate with Lotus Notes, but you would never know it reading their instructions or browsing their site. Hopefully you get my point, why isn’t IBM out there developing relationships and using their existing ones to get the word out that YES! Notes can do that! Resources for Lotus Notes Widgets Greenhouse Catalog (note you need a Greenhouse ID and Password to access the Greenhouse catalog) OpenNTF Catalog TwitNotes Sample Plug-ins from Julian Robichaux (Check out Scrapple:Drag ‘N Drop Scrap Collector a worthy successor to Alan Lepofsky’s Paste Information tool) I am sure there are more catalogs and widgets out there feel free to post then here as comments.  I am always on the look out for a good widget 🙂

Hamilton Beach:Migrating from Lotus Notes to Google Apps- Facts and Fiction

This afternoon I took a little time out to listen to the TechRepublic Webcast case study of Hamilton Beach’s migration from Notes/Domino to Google.  Among the other odd statements made by Hamiton Beach during the call (my comments in parenthesis): -Google allows us to provide remote support to all of our users which we did not have in Lotus Notes  (if only Notes had something like replication) -We no longer have downtime to back up our servers (don’t ask me I didn’t say it) -We still have Domino Applications and we still register Domino Users (you mean not everything is migrated to Google? and you still create Notes IDs) -Google outages only affected some not all of our users  (well thats better then clustering and failover in Domino) So lets review, Hamilton Beach is saving tons of money having migrated from Notes to Google while hiring not one but two consulting firms to work on their migration, and still maintaining Domino Servers, and registering users  for applications.  On the bright side Google solved a bunch of problems for them that should have never existed in the first place in a properly managed Notes/Domino environment. I asked during the webcast how many Domino Servers they are still running, the only answer I received was that they decommissioned 4 mail servers, I really wonder how many they are still running now that the migration is complete.

Lotus Traveler Fix Pack 2 is available

Technote 4019898 Lotus Notes Traveler Fix Pack contains the details and download information for Traveler or fix pack 2.  The release notes list the following fixes in this version:

  • LO27829– Traveler stops pushing data because file name case mismatch
  • LO28880– Notice accept failed when SMTP routed
  • LO29236– Underscores in subject with Danish Characters
  • LO29261– Server Doc lookup failed during startup
  • LO29250– Device Stop synching because mail file is not resolved
  • LO29364– “Unable to open view ServerInternet Sites” message displayed
  • LO29482– Compression error on SSL syncs with self-signed cert
  • LO29215– Some WM devices can not send mail because of an exception in SubmitMessage
  • LO29211– Device password screen hides Authenticator screen
  • LO29715– Could not open database ntsclcache” message in log files
  • LO30460– Lotus Traveler users cannot reply to email sent from addresses
  • LO30553– ActiveSync constantly syncs traveler logs
  • LO30955– Send/Receiver Email in inbox inverted on server

This is cumulative and can be installed on top of Traveler 8.0.1 or (Fix Pack 1)

ForumFriday:Using Lotus Notes to access Fourms and FixLists

OK I didn’t come up with a forum post to answer today, but thought I would put this tip out there.  You can view the Lotus Fourms, and Product fix lists right in your Notes client.

This article explains how to register your notes ID, and setup your client to access the content in Notes, you can even replicate the databases locally

A picture named M2

If you need a proxy server to access the internet don’t miss this section on configuring a proxy.

Do you Bleed Yellow?

The folks over at Lotus911 have announced

Lotus 911 is pleased to announce that registration is now open at BleedYellow is a Lotus Connections site open to all those who bleed yellow. After registering at the site, you will be able to work with all of the components.

So head on over to BleedYellow and register yourself. You can also post items from this blog to dogear on  BleedYellow, by clicking this button A picture named M2 Want to add this to your blog, this code works in the blogsphere template, it will work in others, just replace the blogsphere tags with the appropriate variables <a href=”javascript:dogear(‘<$BSPlinkURL$>’,'<$BSEntryTitle$>’);”><img src=”” border=1></a> <script type=”text/javascript”> var h=’’; var d=document; var b=d.body; var e=encodeURIComponent; function dogear(targetHref, title) {         if(b) {                 var p = d.createElement(‘script’);                 p.charset=’UTF-8′;                 p.src= h + ‘/tools/blet.js’;                 b.appendChild(p);         }         var u=d.getElementById(‘dogear_postUrl’);         if(u != null) {                 u=u.href;         }         else {                 u = h+ ‘/post?url=’ + targetHref + ‘&title=’ +e(title);         }         dw = open( u +’&ver=0.9′,’dogear’,’toolbars=no,width=670,height=650′);         if(!(dw==null||typeof(dw)==’undefined’)) {                 dw.focus()         } } </script>

Notes and Domino Info Center

Following all of the other Lotus Products Notes and Domino now has an online Info Center for documentation.  While much of the data is the same as contained the admin help files that ship with Notes, the online Info Centers are generally kept up to date.  As a bonus right now there is documentation up there on products that are in Beta right now. A picture named M2         IBM Lotus Domino and Notes Information Center

Are you a Lotus Professional?

So apparently here in Europe being a Lotus Professional means something a little different then back home A picture named M2 Lotus Professional

The times they are a changing…… again DST 2007

This coming Sunday is the day that in the past we would have set our clocks back an hour, but thanks to Congress, the fall back will take place the first Sunday in November.  If you prepared properly prior to the change in March, you should be in pretty good shape, here are a few reminders and resources for more information. 1. For Sametime servers prior to 7.0.2 FP2 make sure you have run the Java Time Zone Utility Update 2  Sametime . 7.5 CF1 is the minimum version required for DST (7.5 CF1, 7.5.1 require a fix, 7.5.1 CF1 is fine) 3. The agents for fixing calendar entries can be found here, no harm in running them a second time to if you want to be safe just run them again. 4. Don’t forget Blackberrys, we found a bunch of new ones distributed after the spring time change that went out with out the patch.  You can install the patch from here.  If you device is running a 4.2 release you may not need it. These are just some of the things I have been checking lately, there is quite a bit more information out there.  Also of note, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand are also going through DST changes of their own now. Additional Links Executive Summary and End User Guide: Daylight Saving Time (DST) 2007 Troubleshooting tips for Notes and DWA regarding Daylight Saving Time (DST) 2007 Daylight Saving Time (DST) 2007 information for Lotus Sametime Knowledge Collection: Daylight Saving Time (DST) in Notes/Domino

The great &quot;blackberryless&quot; experiment (testing Notes Traveler this week)

Lotus Traveler which was announced back at the Lotus Collaboration Summit in NYC  provides out of the box mobile support for Windows Mobile devices.   I have been testing Traveler for a few weeks now, and it is now time to set aside my Blackberry for a week and carry only the Windows Mobile device.  I thought I could use them in parallel and still do some testing , but  I have had a Blackberry since 2001, and there is no question I am a “crackberry addict”, it has become painfully obvious that if I have my Blackberry I will use it.  This is not in any way a comment on the Traveler technology, more a comment of me being a creature of habit.  I will reserve my full comments on Traveler until later in the process, since I am pretty much limited by the Beta NDA anyway in what I can say right now. I am about 6 hours in to the Blackberry free experiment now, I miss my blackberry, but I am getting my mail, I have Sametime for Windows Mobile, and my phone is being forwarded.  If anyone has any suggestions for IM clients for Windows Mobile, or any other useful Windows Mobile apps, please let me know, I am knew to the whole Windows Mobile thing.

Default Reply options in Notes 8.0.1

Default reply options were a hot topic of discussion at the GCPC last week, and it looks like Mary Beth Raven, and the design team got the message, in this post they solicited feedback on Reply with or without attachment by default, and the community responded loud and clear.

I can’t say I read all 100 responses, but in scanning through them I think it was unanimous that the default reply action should be without attachments, and we have been heard.

This is definitely good news for 8.0.1 and going forward, yes it could still be better, policy support and user preference settings for the default reply options would be even better, but if changing the default is all I get for 8.0.1 I will take it.