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Folder View Preferences lost in Quickr 8.2 (and how to find them)

In Quickr 8.1 once a user set their preference for a view it was saved for them via a Cookie so every time they returned to that view it was sorted and showing the desired number of entries as the user last viewed it. In Quickr 8.2 the “Folder Setting Cookie Feature” is turned off by default

For performance reasons, the folder settings cookie feature is turned OFF by default as of Lotus Quickr 8.2.

You can turn this feature back on by adding the following to qpconfig.xml <cookies> <folder enabled=”true” /> </cookies> and restarting the HTTP on your server. I wonder if anyone could provide any more detail on the performance impact of enabling this, though I will be testing since I know my users like this feature in 8.1 Technote 1389893 Folder view preferences lost when switching folders after upgrade to 8.2

Quickr 8.2 for Domino is now available

Lotus Quickr 8.2 for Domino is now available for download on the Passport Advantage site.   A picture named M2 IBM Lotus Quickr 8.2 enhances end-user experience and streamlines infrastructure requirements Lotus Quickr services for Lotus Domino version 8.2 download document

Quickr Hotfix Installer

For those following Quickr you know that Hotfixes are a regular occurence (my opinion on the frequency of Hotfixes can be read here).  One of the biggest complaints is that until now the process to install a hotfix was manually copying files into many different directories making it a time consuming process and one prone to error.  Well good news, starting with Quickr HF 19 which is due out imminently there is a Hotfix Installer (for Windows only). The Hotfix is contained in a Jar file, which is placed in the lotusdominojvmlibext directory on the server, and the server needs to have Java 1.5 or later installed.  The other requirement is to make sure your Domino program directory is in the system path.  Once you have this done simply click the Jar file or from a command prompt run “java – jar HF##.jar” like magic the installer creates a backup of the original files and installs the hotfix A picture named M2 A picture named M3 A picture named M4 You still need to run the qptool commands to unlock and upgrade places as in previous hotfixes. Thanks IBM nice job!  

Quickr Entry, Standard one the other or both

Quickr 8.1 comes in 2 flavors Entry which is the Personal File Sharing, and Standard which included both.  You can toggle between install types via a notes.ini setting.  If you install Quickr Entry, your notes.ini will contain “QRD_InstallType=1”, and when you hit the home page it will look like this A picture named M2 You can Upgrade to Standard by simply changing the ini parameter from 1 to 2 “QRD_InstallType=2” as documented here in the Quickr InfoCenter, when you hit the home page you will now see this, and have the option to toggle between Places and Files A picture named M3 Now lets say you are implementing Quickr, but are not ready to implement the personal file sharing piece, you can remove the Places and Files links by changing the notes.ini entry to 3  “QRD_InstallType=3” so that you will now see this A picture named M4 When changing “QRD_InstallType=” in the notes.ini a Domino restart is not required, simply restart HTTP and the change takes effect.

Lotus Quickr Content Integrator GA announced

Lotus Quickr Content Integrator general availability has been announced for March 21st, have not seen a GA announcement for Quickr 8.1 yet, but the time frame seems right for them to be released together. A picture named M2 Lotus Quickr Content Integrator product information

Quickr hotfixes too many or not enough?

For those of you who have been following along at home (or trying to implement Quickr) you will have noticed that the hotfixes are coming fast and furious.  Along the way that has led to some negative comments around the forums and blogosphere, for example this forum post where the poster says

Four hot fixes in quick order following the release of for Domino also does not give me great confidence in the product.

or a comment to this posting on the Quickr Blog

This is becoming disconcerting… talk about a product released a bit too early…

Well I disagree with both comments, and others that I have heard regarding the frequency of hotfixes, I say keep them coming.  What is happening here is not that the software was released too soon or without testing, rather that IBM has made it easier for all of us, by making these fixes available without first having to find the problem, open a PMR, and then have support provide the hotfix, which all this time was there and coded and could have avoided the problem in the first place.  The Notes from Lotus Support blog covered this topic in September, detailing the creation of Fix Central and the effort to make more hotfixes available this way (you can also note in the comments to the post that entitlement to support is not even a requirement in all cases to be able to download a hotfix). Another point to consider is that while there have now been six hotfixes for Quickr (curiously numbered 1,2,3,4,6,7, did anyone ever see 5?) they have each been cumulative, so if you ignored them all and then ran in to a situation where you needed a fix, you got them all. Lets compare this what is going on in other Lotus Products, if you take a look at the Notes/Domino Fix list you can see that the Fixpacks only contain a limited number of fixes, my understanding is the Fixpacks are designed to fix the SPR that are generating the most support calls, not a bad strategy, but look at the numbers of fixes, even if you are running 7.0.2 with a fixpack there are still any number of 1000 known issues you can run in to (enter Murphy).   In additions the releases of versions or Fixpacks rarely if ever coincide with my organizations maintenance schedule, but if the hotfixes were distributed regularly via Fix Central I could at least apply fixes for the majority of known issues each time I have a window to perform maintenance.  There is obviously a little more complexity to doing this for a Domino server with all the various server components as opposed to Quickr but I am sure they could be worked out, for example limiting hotfix builds to only specific versions and fixpack levels. A picture named M2 Today you can download hotfixes for Quickr, Quickplace (see Technote 4017549), and Connections on Fix Central.  There are options to choose Domino and Sametime in the product list, for Domino the Fixpacks are posted, and the Sametime 8.0 Hotfix is available. I will not complain about too many hotfixes for Quickr, my complaint is some of the other products need to do as good of a job at getting the fixes available so quickly and easily. Quickr Release History Quickr  – October 29, 2007 Quickr HF1 – October 31, 2007 Quickr HF2 – November 21, 2007 Quickr HF3 – December 9, 2007 Quickr HF4 – December 10, 2007 Quickr HF6 – December 19, 2007 Quickr HF7 – December 20, 2007

Quickr HF7 (Windows Only)

Who knew posting Quickr Hotfixes would become a full time job!  Don’t get me wrong I think it is great that as the problems are being found the fixes are being put out. So Quickr HF7 for Windows only is now available on Fix Central A picture named M2 SPR Fixed in HF7  (fix is cumulative it includes all previous fixes) A picture named M3 Stuart is that two in a row 🙂

Quickr HF6

Chris gets on the board first on this one (Stuart what happened? 🙂 ) HF6 is out for Quickr and available on Fix Central A picture named M2 SPR Fixes in this release are (but the HF is cumulative so includes earlier fixes) A picture named M3

Update to SNAPPS Quickr Template QProject

For those of you using the QProject template from SNAPPS there was an update posted to it today A picture named M2 The same update is available for QSite as well which is the combination template for demoing or testing the functionality of all the templates (except QActivities)

Quickr HF4

Stuart gets on the board first on this one, but right on the heels of HF3 is HF4 for Quickr available on Fix Central A picture named M2 Fixed in HF4 A picture named M3 Still no installer with these fixes, so having completed my HF3 upgrade about 4 hours ago, here I go copying files again.