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Why I Will Ignore You in 2012

Entering the new year I once again present some ideas on things I can do differently in 2012 to work, share and play more efficiently.

1.Ignore people/comments/trolls – I enjoy interacting with people on social networks and blogs, I must do a better job at hitting the personal ignore button and ignoring people when they post just to stir things up, while providing no value.  As the saying goes “Do not feed the trolls” I must remember this more in 2012.

2. Stop being a Beta junkie – I am drawn almost like a moth to a flame to any new site, I can only imagine how many different sites/tools I signed up to beta test in 2011.  The reality is there are only so many hours in the day, I need to a better job evaluating the use case for each site and only sign up for the ones that I believe can provide value, and I have time to use.

3. ifttt – you know I am a huge fan of ifttt, but I don’t believe I have really unlocked it’s full potential to automate everyday tasks, and use it to notify me of things I might be manually looking for right now.  I definitely need to take a look at some of my daily/weekly/monthly tasks and figure out where ifttt can help.  I think there is also the potential to consolidate some tasks I am running in other services to ifttt and reduce account clutter.

4.Spend more time with different technology – my day job keeps me up to date on IBM/Lotus products and will continue to do so in 2012.  In my spare time I want to continue to focus on different technologies.  Two areas specifically I want to spend time in is Google Apps, I have 2 domains set up using Google Apps, but there is a lot to explore there and probably more features I can be taking advantage of.  Second is Amazon Web Services, I have documented my experience with Amazon S3 in 2011, I also spent some time with EC2 last year. AWS has a lot more to offer and I would like to find the time, and projects to explore them more in 2012

5. Expand my network – one thing that has become clear to me is that while I certainly have a large social network that does not translate to diversity in interests or geography.  I started in 2011 making better use of Twitter lists, and finding new audiences to share my blog posts with, in order to extend the reach of my network.  I hope to continue this in 2012 and find new people/sources that I can learn from, and at the same time new people that can (hopefully) learn from me.

6. Make better use of WordPress – there were a variety of reasons why I migrated to WordPress in 2010, and overall I am very happy with the move.  One benefit I have not recognized is the use of the web based WordPress editor (much improved in WordPress 3.3) and Mobile tools for blog authoring.  Most of my posts have been authored in Windows Live Writer, with a relatively few posts created in WordPress or one of it’s mobile clients.  It is time to change that and make better use of WordPress and the tools it has to offer and not depend on using a specific machine with Windows Live Writer installed to blog.

There you have it, a few ideas on my plans to work, share and play more efficiently in 2012, do you have any 2012 plans? Feel free to share them in a comment, I am always open to suggestions.

2011 Posts

Why I Won’t Like You in 2011 (published January 5, 2011)

Why I Didn’t Like you in 2011 (published January 4, 2012)

Why I Didn’t Like You in 2011 (Follow-up)

A year ago I posted Why I Won’t Like You in 2011 before I post some thoughts for working differently in 2012 I thought it would be worthwhile to take a look back and see how I fared against the 2011 version.

See the original post for a detailed explanation of each item

1. “Like” Less Often – I didn’t count the number of times I clicked Like in 2011 vs 2010, but I believe I used the Like button less and commented more, something I hope to continue in 2012.

2. Inbox Zero – so the goal was not really zero it was to end every workday with the inbox not scrolling.  There were months at a time where I managed to stick to this goal, and months at a time where I wasn’t even in the ballpark. In 2012 I have to continue to manage the inbox and make sure the items requiring my attention can be found and focused on.

3. Comment More on Blogs I read – again I don’t have absolute numbers to compare, but I know I made an effort to comment when I found something helpful, or had a different opinion.

4. Share Differently – one of my goals was to consolidate more posting to one place (posterous) which I think I accomplished (135 posts to posterous in 2011 vs 38 in 2010).  I definitely allowed this effort to be somewhat derailed when Twitter introduced their own photo sharing service earlier in the year, which I have to admit I am a fan of, have to think a little more about when Twitter is the right place to upload a photo and when posterous is more appropriate.

The best new tools of 2011 for me were

ThinkUp – providing me with a personal archive of my Twitter, Facebook, and now Google+ Activity.

Buffer – an easy way to spread sharing of links out over time

ifttt – if this then that, I shared my favorite ifttt recipe a few weeks ago, look for more about ifttt in my 2012 post.

Spool – I blogged about Spool in November, I no longer use Instapaper at all, Spool is my only tool for saving items to read later.

Did you change any habits in 2011? Find any new tools that saved you time? If you did please share them in a comment.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Pew Research released a study on the percentage of adults who use Social Networking sites.  I saw the story on Mashable and on Read Write Web and I have to say I am confused.  Did they study show good or bad news.  Take a look:

On Mashable doesn’t sound to good “Only 50%”


On Read Write Web sounds great “For the first time ever, 50% of all American adults are using social networking sites”


I guess it is all how you look at the data, the glass is either half empty or half full. 


Mashable: Only 50% of U.S. Adults Use Social Media

Read Write Web: Half of U.S. Adults Use Social Networking Sites

Pew Research: 65% of Online Adults Use Social Networking Sites

Why I Won’t Like You in 2011

This is not a New Years resolutions post, these are just some ideas I have to change the way I share, and work in the new year.

1. “Like” Less Often – I know Facebook is on a mission to place a “Like” button on every page of the internet (yes including this one).   I almost never use the Facebook Like buttons outside of Facebook, if there is something I “Like” I generally prefer to share it in to my stream, usually with a comment.  On Facebook though it is a different story, the Like button has become a cheap substitute for actually commenting, I want to try to “Like” less and comment more (I am referring more to Statuses and Links, than Photos here)

I really prefer the Follow term used in Lotus Connections 3.0, when I Follow something I indicate I have interest in it, where as Like indicates I have something to say I am just not saying it.

2. Inbox Zero – it’s not realistic, or even in my control, so I am not even going to try.  Last year I tried to keep my inbox to less than one page (i.e. “no scroll”) I know I was successful for a good few months, then it all fell apart.  Having spent time at the end of last year restoring my inbox to sanity, I would now like to keep it that way.  A few things to try to help me

  • Unsubscribe from any legitimate e-mail I get but don’t read
  • Block more subjective SPAM with my personal Lotus Protector block list
  • Use mail rules to block or folder messages I can not block for various reasons but don’t read
  • Use Conversation mode more and eliminate repetitive messages

3. Comment More on Blogs I read – along the lines of number 1 above, be better at taking time to leave a comment on a blog to thank the author for help, agree, respectfully disagree, or otherwise.  It is easy to read and move on,  more difficult to remember to stop and give feedback.

4. Share Differently – one thing I keep noticing is that I am spreading content all over the place, here on my blog, twitter, Flickr, Google Reader, Twitpic, Posterous (aka, just to name a few.  This is what drove me to create my “Lifestream” site last year.  While I haven’t really promoted it (I guess I am now), I use it as my site URL in some of my online profiles, and now have it linked on the header of this site.  While I need to find more time to work on it, I intend it to be a one stop shop to capture my online activity (minus Facebook). 

In addition to bringing all the activity together in one place, I also want to re-think how and where I share stuff, for example Twitpic, most Twitter clients do a terrible job of attaching the Tweet to the photo, so you wind up with a bunch of photos with no context.  I could switch to another photo service, and spread stuff to yet another service, something I would prefer not to do.  Another example is certain links, cartoons, articles that get shared on Twitter, some really are intended to be tweeted, and gone in an hour but other content I would like to have saved as more than a tweet.  I also don’t want to clutter this site with every photo, cartoon, etc that I want to share.  I am going try to use Posterous more for this type of sharing.  As I mentioned when I migrated to WordPress, I thought about moving to Posterous, but did not feel it was ready (though since I migrated they have released an Android app), and while you could argue that I am creating “just another blog” I am going to use the Posterous site (aka more for sharing photos, etc, and this site for the content you are used to seeing here.  I hope this will help limit the number of places I share data, and make it easier for myself and others to go back and find something later on.

I am also playing with Memolane, I see that as more of a personal search and history, rather than a public one at least for now. is another new site which does a nice job of collecting your shared links from Twitter, Facebook, and Delicious, into an easily searchable format, these are excellent tools that are aggregating existing content, not a place to create new content.

That’s all for now, there are a few more ideas rattling around my brain, but I will let them rattle a little longer.   Would love to hear your thoughts on these items, and any other ideas you might have to change the way you work or share in the new year.