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Google Plus: Is an API a good or bad idea?

A couple of weeks later and Google+ is still going strong.  Sure it is still in the early adopter phase, and the recent release of the iOS app should drive more iPhone owners to give it a try.  The one missing piece is the API, if you want to post to Google+ the only way to do it is manually.  Yes there are browser extensions popping up allowing cross posting between other social networks primarily Twitter, and Facebook, but there is no way to cross post from an application (Tweetdecks support of Twitter and Facebook for example)

I have previously stated that I don’t think Google+ can pull people away from the networks they use today until cross posting is possible making it easier to transition from one to the other.  What about auto-postings using services like dlvr.it or Twitterfeed that many (including myself) use to automate tweets from blogs.  What about other services like Posterous, Tumblr, etc.. that people use today to automatically post content to Facebook, Twitter and other networks.  An API for Google+ would enable people to post to Google+ the same as they do to Twitter and Facebook.

Over the last couple of days I think I changed my mind though, part of me now believes the worst thing Google+ can do is open up an API and the floodgates to all kinds of automated postings.  Maybe just maybe we would be better served only seeing the items that each person deems worthy to actually take the time and post.  So far in my experience posts on Google+ are getting more response then tweets or Facebook posts.  I attribute part of this to it still be in the shiny new toy people are kicking the tires on, partially to the smaller circles people have as they are still building their network on Google+, but part of it has to be the lack of automatic postings.  Every post you read on Google+ was manually added by a real person (yet another difference on Google+).

I am still not convinced about the Circles sharing model, and I am sure that Facebook, Twitter,and others will respond with their own design changes adding features that can be found in Google+, but I am starting to think the API might do more harm than good to Google+.  What do you think?