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Can it Core A Apple?

No this post has nothing to do with Apple, Mac, DDE, DDE on Mac, etc… if you don’t get the title you can find the reference here.

BP207 Apps, Apps, and More Apps: Meet the Very Best Open Source Apps from OpenNTF was one of those sessions I wanted to get to at Lotusphere, but couldn’t quite make it to.  I finally had the chance to flip through the slide deck the other day, and suggest you do the same, there are some incredible tools available on OpenNTF, some of which are highlighted in this session.

To start there were a few I already had installed like File Navigator and WildFire, my favorite new one that I learned about viewing this presentation is Snippets.  You can see how Snippets works in this video

To install Snippets you need to both install the Eclipse Plugin, and download the Notes Database used to store the Snippets. This is a great tool for saving and reusing bits of information.

I also want to take a look at iWatch X which will give me my first chance to install the XPages Extension Library (which was updated yesterday) on a server. There is also the Information Retrieval Tool referred to as Deja Vu in the presentation that looks interesting.

I am always looking for ways to make myself even more productive in my Notes client and thanks to Bruce and Niklas for this excellent short cut to a few new apps. Take a look at the deck, and at OpenNTF you never know what you might find that is useful to you as an individual or to your organization

Live Blogging: Lotus Application Development Strategy #LS11

Live coverage and commentary of the Lotus  Application Development Strategy session.  Feel free to post comments and questions I will do my best to respond.