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CloudGOO – combine all of your cloud storage into one drive

I installed CloudGOO on my Android phone today (they say an iOS version is in the works), I love the idea of showing all my cloud based files across different services as if they were all together on one big drive.  CloudGOO also supports automatic upload where you can specify which service to use, or let CloudGOO decide based on the space you have available.


Audio Manager for Android

It’s been a while now since I used a Blackberry as my everyday phone, one of the features I miss most is the Profile manager and the ability to easily switch from one profile to another.   I have looked at different solutions for Android and finally found AudioManager which suits my needs.

AudioManager lets you create different profiles, and set rules for when different profiles activate.  So I now have my phone automatically switch from my daytime settings to my nighttime settings (Silent with Alarm only) automatically.

Replay of the Social App Throwdown at Lotusphere 2012

This was one of those sessions I really wanted to be at live but just couldn’t make it, it is definitely worth a watch if you missed it.

Watch live streaming video from ibmsoftware at livestream.com

Mobile App are Like a Box of Chocolate

Everyone knows the famous line from Forrest Gump

Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get

The same can be said for App Updates on your Mobile Device, except for the most popular apps (i.e. Facebook, some of the Twitter clients) there is very little documentation about what is changed in a new version.  Once you upgrade there is no going back.

The most common item listed in the What’s New section for any app “bug fixes”, no details.   Sometimes when I upgrade my mobile apps I am pleasantly surprised to find something fixed or a great new feature, just as often a feature I relied on changed or was removed.

How do you handle Mobile App upgrades? Do you check your devices App Store regularly for upgrades or do you wait and see?

I guess the same could be said for Gmail, Facebook, you name it………

No more free lunch?

Received this in my Inbox yesterday from Google


Free accounts previously had a limit of 50 users, as of May 10th this is being reduced to 10. While it is nice of them to grandfather in existing accounts, I think this is the end of free lunch from Google.  Have they reached enough domains using their service that they now realize they need to charge for it? What’s next? Increase in fees for Google Apps for Business? Charging for Education users?

Time will tell, but it looks like the free first hit hooked enough people for Google to begin limiting their free offerings, and probably increase the costs of their paid services.