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Do you Bleed Yellow?

The folks over at Lotus911 have announced BleedYellow.com

Lotus 911 is pleased to announce that registration is now open at BleedYellow.com. BleedYellow is a Lotus Connections site open to all those who bleed yellow. After registering at the site, you will be able to work with all of the components.

So head on over to BleedYellow and register yourself. You can also post items from this blog to dogear on  BleedYellow, by clicking this button A picture named M2 Want to add this to your blog, this code works in the blogsphere template, it will work in others, just replace the blogsphere tags with the appropriate variables <a href=”javascript:dogear(‘<$BSPlinkURL$>’,'<$BSEntryTitle$>’);”><img src=”http://www.bleedyellow.com/images/icon_bullet_holes2.gif” border=1></a> <script type=”text/javascript”> var h=’http://www.bleedyellow.com/dogear’; var d=document; var b=d.body; var e=encodeURIComponent; function dogear(targetHref, title) {         if(b) {                 var p = d.createElement(‘script’);                 p.charset=’UTF-8′;                 p.src= h + ‘/tools/blet.js’;                 b.appendChild(p);         }         var u=d.getElementById(‘dogear_postUrl’);         if(u != null) {                 u=u.href;         }         else {                 u = h+ ‘/post?url=’ + targetHref + ‘&title=’ +e(title);         }         dw = open( u +’&ver=0.9′,’dogear’,’toolbars=no,width=670,height=650′);         if(!(dw==null||typeof(dw)==’undefined’)) {                 dw.focus()         } } </script>