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The Google +1 button anyone else confused?


So I am confused about the +1 button, sure I added it to my blog, and one or two of you have even clicked on it.  I also joined Google+ where the +1 button is also available on every post.  Yet there seems to be no connection between the +1 button on a site, and the +1 button in Google+

Here is Google’s explanation of the +1 Button

Google +1 Button

While many refer to the +1 button as Google’s answer to the Facebook ‘Like’ Button they are really not the same at all.  If you have been following me for some time now you know I am not a fan of the ‘Like’ button, I will occasionally like a status or photo on Facebook, but never use the button on external sites (feel free to like my blog though Smile) but I digress. 

The +1 button on web sites is used to deliver better google search results, though I am still not sure how to see a persons +1s.  In Google+ people are using the +1 button (which is different then the share button) and you see the count incremented on a post. 

Here is the catch though.  First when I look at my profile to see my +1s I only see sites that I used the +1 button on, not items I +1 in Google+ itself (confused yet?).


Second if I post one of my blog entries in Google+ and other people +1 it, that is not reflected back on my site in the +1 counter.  Compare this to the Tweet button which counts tweets to that post regardless if the button is used or not.

So I ask you what exactly is the +1 button supposed to do, and why is there seemingly no tie whatsoever between the +1 button in Google+, and the +1 button on a site?