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Verizon Thanks and No Thanks for the Android Upgrade

This morning I was prompted to upgrade my Droid X from 2.3.15.MB810.Verizon.en.us to 2.3.340.MB810.Verizon.USIBP_C_01.09.07P (not sure who is responsible for their version numbering scheme).  Don’t let the 2.3 in the version fool you, that is Verizon’s numbering this is still Android 2.2 (Froyo) not Android 2.3 (Gingerbread).

While it is always nice to receive an upgrade, and Android upgrades are so much easier then iOS upgrades, the upgrade downloads over the air, and installs in less then 5 minutes, and while there are some enhancements in this upgrade, lets take a look at what Verizon thinks the important ones are.


So Verizon believes the number one enhancement is that they “preloaded Madden NFL Football”, while last on the list is “Improved Android OS Froyo Stability”, while clearly a lower priority to Verizon, I hope this fixes the random reboot issue I have seen.  I think all of you who know me I am a huge football fan, but I could care less about the Madden NFL Game which I will never use, and really don’t need it installed on my device.

In addition to the Enhancements there is a list of Improvements, nothing really earth shattering in the list for me.

So Verizon, thanks for the upgrade, but in the future maybe OS Stability should rank higher then a bloat ware game I didn’t want in the first place! This might just be the straw that drives me to Rooting my device.

Droid X Software Update