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Managing your Files in the Cloud Made Simple with Otixo

I find that I have files stored in a number of places these days, Google Docs, Dropbox, Amazon S3, box, and Picasa to name a few.  A while back I came across Otixo which allows me to access all of them in one place, and move files between the services all from one dashboard.  Here is how Otixo explains their service:

(wouldn’t it be nice to see IBM Connections Files, and IBM Smart Cloud on their list of supported services?)

Otixo also supports WebDAV access to your account, allowing you to see all your configured services as a mapped drive in Windows, great for uploading or moving files between services.

Otixo has free and paid plans the only difference between the two being monthly bandwidth limits.


Best ifttt Recipe

If you have not heard of or tried ifttt (if this then that)it is definitely worth a look, the possibilities of what you can do with ifttt are endless.  You can create your own actions or use pre-built “recipes”.

So far the most useful recipe I have found combines ifttt and dropbox, using the Queue Downloads Remotely recipe.

Once enabled this allows you to e-mail a link to a download to ifttt and a few minutes later the file is in the specified folder in your Dropbox account.


This is very useful if you are behind a firewall that might block specific downloads (assuming of course you can access dropbox), or if you want to download a file from a mobile device for use later.

There are other things I am using ifttt for, and I have ideas for other tasks, for some reason this is the one I find myself using the most right now.

Using ifttt? If you have found or created any good recipes please share them in a comment.