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Best ifttt Recipe

If you have not heard of or tried ifttt (if this then that)it is definitely worth a look, the possibilities of what you can do with ifttt are endless.  You can create your own actions or use pre-built “recipes”.

So far the most useful recipe I have found combines ifttt and dropbox, using the Queue Downloads Remotely recipe.

Once enabled this allows you to e-mail a link to a download to ifttt and a few minutes later the file is in the specified folder in your Dropbox account.


This is very useful if you are behind a firewall that might block specific downloads (assuming of course you can access dropbox), or if you want to download a file from a mobile device for use later.

There are other things I am using ifttt for, and I have ideas for other tasks, for some reason this is the one I find myself using the most right now.

Using ifttt? If you have found or created any good recipes please share them in a comment.