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Check your Traveler Settings on iOS5

If Reminders are enabled in your Traveler configuration on iOS5 you might see a spike in network traffic, and battery drain on your iOS5 device.

I configured a new Traveler account on my iPad, and it defaults reminders to enabled (currently Traveler supports Mail, Calendar, and Contacts), I am not sure what it does with an account configured on iOS4 and upgraded to iOS5, but it’s worth a check of your settings.

Update: Thanks Chris Whisonant for verifying (in a comment below) that Reminders are enabled automatically when upgrading from iOS4 to iOS5.


From the Technote


APAR LO65075: Ios 5 Devices May Try To Sync Reminders Continuously (IBM ID Required)

How to use an iPhone or iPad to Celebrate the Jewish New year

Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) begins tomorrow evening at sundown.  One of the most common customs on Rosh Hashanah is to eat Apples dipped in Honey, as a symbol for a sweet new year.  Here is a new twist on an old custom.

Searching in Mobile Safari is Not Very Friendly

This has become a major annoyance for me when using Safari on iOS, and I wonder why Apple does not fix this.

When I use a browser on my desktop, if I want to search I simply type the term in to the Address Bar, this works in Chrome, Firefox, or IE, the three browsers I have installed on my machine.

chrome search

On my Android device (Droid X) the experience is the same I can type a URL, or search term in to the Address bar.


Then we get to Mobile Safari on iOS (Screenshots are from an iPhone, but the experience is the same on an iPad).  For some reason Apple had decided to split URL, and Search in to two different fields. 

photo 1

When you are in the URL field (on the left), the keyboard is designed to type URL only does not have a space bar, so you can not even try to enter a search term there. If you are in the search field (on the right) you then get the regular keyboard with the Space bar allowing you to search:

photo 2 photo 3

Is anyone else bothered by this? I frequently find myself trying to search in the URL bar,  realizing after I finished typing (the first word) of my search string, only to have to do it over in the Search field, why doesn’t mobile safari just work like every other browser out there?

I am sure there are other browsers available for iOS, Opera comes to mind, Firefox Mobile does not seem to have iOS support yet, but I really haven’t bothered to look at it or other options, the browser that ships should be good enough for my mobile browsing needs.