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Two websites I checked out this weekend

I don’t know if either of these are new, but I came across them this weekend, and thought they were pretty useful.


Jott is a website that you can use your phone and send a reminder, the reminder is then transcribed in to text and e-mailed.  You can Jott to yourself, or set up an address book to Jott others.  I don’t really see myself setting up and address book and sending reminders to other people, but this is pretty handy for those great ideas while driving, or other situations where I need to create a reminder to myself.

GrandCentral which was acquired by Google in a site that once registered provides you with a phone number which you can then use to direct calls between multiple phone numbers.  I found this site a while ago, but it was in closed beta, I got an e-mail the other day letting me know it was my turn to get in to the beta.  Once you set up your phones you can determine which calls should ring which phones, you can tailor by individual in your address book.  I set it up to ring my cell phone and office phone, so if I am in my office I can answer, if not I can get the call if I choose on my cell.  You can also hot transfer calls from one phone to another, and the person on the other end will never even notice.  Since I am only in my office a couple of days a week, using this will let my phone follow me (when I want it to).  I hope to build this type of infrastructure internally at work next year, but until then this will be a big help to me.

If anyone is interested, since I am in the beta I have some invites, drop me an e-mail if you want to try it.