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A Built in FTP Client Who Knew?

I have been using Notepad++ for years now, it is the Swiss Army Knife of text editors.  It supports text, html, css, php, sql, java, javascript, python, and xml just to name a few the list goes on and on.  It also has a ton of features that I use all the time. 

Notepad++ also features plugins, and comes preinstalled with a few.  The other day completely by accident I discovered that one of the plugins is an FTP client.


The highlighted icon brings up the NppFTP plugin allowing you to open files from a remote location, edit them, and save them back all in one move. Wish I had known about this a long time ago, makes me wonder what else is hidden in Notepad++ that I haven’t discovered yet. 

A list of available plugins is here one of these days I really need to go through it and see what else I can add to Notepad++.

If you have a Notepad++ tip of your own feel free to drop it in a comment trust me it will be appreciated.