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Creating Database Replicas with a Specific ODS Version

This came up today, I haven’t had to use this trick in a while, but it is a good one to have up your sleeve if you ever need it, since I taught this trick to one person already today, figured I would throw it out there for anyone else working in mixed environments and in need of it. 

If you ever need a Database to be created at a specific ODS (especially a lower one than the client you are using) you can replace .NSF with any of the values in the chart below when creating the replica or copy (you can not simply rename an existing file).


ODS Level

.n85 51
.ns8 48
.ns7 43
.ns6 43
.ns5 41
.ns4 20
.ns3 17

If you rename the file with an NSF extension it will retain the ODS it was created it, however the Compact task will never upgrade the ODS of a database created with an ODS Specific extension, even after being renamed with an .NSF extension.  Technote 1086780 has more details.

(One more note, if you were just looking to get a database to ODS 43 you could also do this by removing CREATE_R85_DATABASES=1 or CREATE_R85_DATABASES=1 from your notes.ini, restarting your Notes client, and simply creating a .NSF.  Any databases created using this method would be upgradeable later on via compact)