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Live Blog: IBM Connect 2014 Opening General Session

Thanks for joining me for Live Coverage of the IBM Connect OGS feel free to leave a comment on the post or in the live feed.  For a live stream of the event Click here.

Live Blog: IBM Connect 2013 OGS

Thanks for joining me for live coverage of the IBM Connect 2013 Opening General Session, feel free to comment or ask questions will do my best to answer.

Live Blog: Lotusphere Opening General Session #ls12

Join me for live blog coverage of the Lotusphere 2012 Opening General Session, feel free to comment or ask questions will do my best to answer them

Live Blogging:Lotusphere 2011 Opening General Session #LS11

Tune in for Live coverage of the Lotusphere 2011 OGS, this year I am joined by Luis Benitez.  We will provide live commentary, photos, and coverage of all the announcements.  Feel free to post your own comments or questions, we will do our best to respond.

A live stream of the OGS is available, check out our full live blogging schedule for Lotusphere here.

My Prediction for OGS Guest Speaker #LS11

It used to be so easy, just guess Shatner, that was until to the delight of many, he actually was the guest speaker at the 2010 OGS. One could guess Leonard Nimoy with the whole Vulcan theme, but I am not a Trekkie, and I don’t think it will be Nimoy.

So my prediction is Mark Zuckerberg. Regardless if you love Facebook, hate Facebook, spend your whole life on Facebook, or wouldn’t create an account on Facebook, you have to admit that Facebook has had a major impact.

For a conference with a theme of “Get Social, Do Business”, let’s face it a lot of Social activity is taking place on Facebook, and increasingly more businesses are setting up shop on Facebook, I think Mark Zuckerberg could bring an interesting perspective to kick off the OGS on Monday morning.

I can think of many reasons why IBM would not bring in Zuckerberg as a guest speaker, but it’s my guess anyway. Do you have a guess? Leave a comment.