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It’s a Hockey Season

Twitter followers probably have some idea what has been going on in my life for the last couple of months, if you don’t long story short in early June Elisa (my wife) was diagnosed with breast cancer, and since then it has been a frenzy of doctors, more doctors, and even more doctors. 

I am not going to tell the whole story over again here, mostly because over the last couple of months Elisa has proven that she is the real blogger in the family, and tells the story much better than I could.

Yesterday we hit the first of many milestones along this unwanted journey, the fourth round of chemo and the last of the Adriamycin / Cytoxan cocktails.  Make no mistake there is still a long road ahead, 12 more rounds of chemo (Taxol), with surgery, and radiation to follow, but on this journey you find and appreciate the milestones where ever you can.

All this has me thinking about time, you all know the expressions “treasure every moment”, “don’t wish away a day of your life”, “Carpe Diem”, but right now for me time can’t go fast enough.  For me it is difficult to take life one day at a time, if I could  at this one point in my life I would fast forward a few months.  Of course I can’t do that ( I was absent from superpower school the day they taught manipulation of time) but like everything else time is all about perspective, and I keep coming back to this scene from A Few Good Men:

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If that doesn’t work for you there is of course a Seinfeld reference that works here as well

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