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Notes 8.5.2 FP2 and Lotus Connections Plugins Might Not Play Nicely Together

Back in February I blogged about the Lotus Connections Files and Status Updates Plugins for Lotus Notes.  These are excellent plugins that I use every day, and I would recommend them to anyone running both Lotus Notes and IBM Connections.

If you are running Notes 8.5.2 with Fix Pack 2, apparently a fix to the Connections code in Fix Pack 2, broke the Files and Status plugins, from the technote:


Technote 1495765: Installing FP2 for Notes breaks both the Files and the Status Updates 3.0 gold plug-ins

Lotus Connections Files and Status Updates Plugins for Lotus Notes

I recently installed the Lotus Connections plugins for Files, and Status Updates in my Lotus Notes 8.5.2 client.  If you use Lotus Connections and Lotus Notes you need to look at these plugins. I put together a couple of slides that show the installation process, which is really easy, and highlights some of the functionality.  Go ahead and try them yourself.

Take a look at the IBM Business Solutions Catalog for additional plugins and widgets that might be useful in your environment.

Sidebar plug-in Document viewer

I have been using Document Viewer from OpenNTF for a while now, today John Head posted about a new sidebar plug-in for Notes 8 which automatically displays the document properties, in a format that is much easier to read then natively in Notes.  John also provides excellent detailed instructions for installing the plug-in.  Here is a screen shot from my sidebar. A picture named M2 Thanks John and “Mr Frunobulax” One interesting note, I originally tried to install this from my office where I require a proxy to get out to the internet,  when I tried to update, it could not find any updates, when I came home and tried it immediately found and installed the plug-in, this makes me believe that the plug-in install engine does not read the proxy setting from the location doc (other sidebar plug-ins do not honor the location document settings either).   I will have to do a little more testing on this.