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Don’t Say I am not Romantic

Today is my wife Elisa’s birthday, of course I wanted to make the day special for her, so I accompanied her to her scheduled chemo infusion today. It’s not that I am a cheap date or anything but hey they validate parking at the hospital. Ok ok we are really going out for dinner later on today after we get the chemo out of the way.


Elisa described the whole chemo routine on her blog a few weeks ago. Today when asked for her date of birth all the nurses wished her a happy birthday. With today’s infusion we are now 75% of the way with chemo, 4 more to go.

A friend of ours who works in the hospital was nice enough to leave a balloon and cupcakes in the infusion room.



The cancer center at St. Barnabas Medical Center is not exactly where we planned on celebrating Elisa’s birthday this year, but we will make the best of it, and plan a much better celebration for her milestone birthday next year.

Happy Birthday Elisa!

Elisa’s blog can be found here