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Results of The 2013 IBM Connect Tablet Survey

The results are in, thanks to all who responded this year.  There was 155 responses, and not surprisingly the iPad rules at IBM Connect.   I was surprised that there were not more iPad Minis,  I thought there would be more of them in the mix.

The presence of only one response of Microsoft Surface tablet did not surprise me, for a while it looked like it was going to finish at zero.

In the “Other” Category there was one  Lenovo Yoga, one “Etch a Sketch” and one “Moses’ 10 Commandments” (OK so not everyone took it seriously).



The laptop question was interesting, unless I chicken out in the next day I will be headed down to Orlando for the first time without a laptop.  I am at a point where I feel anything I need to do during the week can be accomplished on my iPad or Galaxy SIII.  Of the 155 respondents  121 are bringing their laptops, and 34 are leaving them home.  I am hoping at this time next week I will still think it was a good idea to travel without the laptop.

The 2013 IBM Connect Tablet Survey

aka "Lotussphere"

Once again this year I am asking you take a moment and share with me your gadget plans for IBM Connect.

In addition to asking about tablets there is also a second question this year  asking about a laptop.  I am hoping for the first time to travel to Orlando with out a laptop, I wonder how many others might be planning the same.  Feel free to drop a comment why you require or don’t require a laptop.

Poll is open until January 23rd, results will be published on the 24th

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Results of the 2012 Lotusphere Tablet Survey

Thanks to the 147 people who took a moment to respond, here are the results.  Not surprisingly iPad won in a landslide, with a pretty even split between the iPad 1 and iPad2.  I was a little surprised that the Kindle Fire, and the HP Touchpad didn’t bring in higher numbers.
thanks to all those who responded

The Lotusphere 2012 Tablet Survey

Update: The Poll is closed thanks to all who responded you can view the results here

Once again this year I am curious as to what (if any) tablet people will be bringing to Lotusphere. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that iPad is going to win this poll in a runaway, but I am interested in the split between the iPad 1 and iPad 2, as well as which other devices people might be using.

Poll is open until January 10th, look for the results after that.