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Traffic Goes Social

For a while now my Android phone has also been my GPS, Google Maps for Android does a terrific job with turn by turn navigation, as well as showing traffic which at times is ridiculously accurate.  The other day I came across Waze, a free app available for Android, iPhone and Blackberry which not only provides Turn by Turn navigation, but uses your data to build more accurate traffic maps.  It uses your GPS to determine your speed and assess traffic conditions, but it also allows you to easily send in a traffic or weather condition.

It was only a matter of time until traffic went social, there are some gaming aspects of Waze which I don’t particularly care about, but accurate to the second traffic reports, those are helpful.

Here is some more info on how Waze works

This is definitely an improvement over the old traffic reports every 10 minutes on the radio, which I always summed up in two rules.

Rule 1: They will never mention the spot you are sitting in traffic

Rule 2: In exception to rule #1 if they do mention the stop you are in boy are you in trouble.