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The one troubleshooting command you need to know for Lotus Notes Traveler

I am a big fan of Lotus Notes Traveler I have been working with it since the earliest beta builds.  Overall it has been a fairly stable product, but like any other system use it enough you will run in to issues.

Any time you open a PMR you can expect to be asked to provide logs, Traveler has greatly simplified that process by adding a Tell Traveler PMR command, (I believe this was added in 8.5.2)  allowing you to automatically collect and upload logs to your PMR.

While of course I would prefer not to have to open a PMR it is easier to have a streamlined way to upload logs.  I would love to see this implemented for more Domino Server features especially router and http.

Lotus Notes & Domino Wiki: Traveler Server Logs



Troubleshooting Guide for WebSphere Application Server

If you are working with Wepsphere Application Server this is an excellent reference

The document contains sections on, Administration, Application Development, Architecture, Installation, Migration, Performance, Problem Determination Tools, and Security.  Each section contains links to Learning documents, technotes, and troubleshooting references.

I found this via the IBM_appserver twitter account, a good one to follow if you are working with WAS.

Troubleshooting Guide for WebSphere Application Server