Kevin Cavanaugh to Present the Collaboration Roadmap at Tri State LUG

Have you registered yet? In case Alistair Rennie delivering the keynote, and the great session line up we have isn’t enough Kevin Cavanaugh Vice President, Messaging and Collaboration Software, has been added to the Tri State LUG lineup. Kevin will present the Collaboration Roadmap. A picture named M2 “In this session, we will discuss the messaging and collaboration product family roadmap, including plans for Lotus Notes and Domino in 2010 and beyond.  Come hear about ways to reduce your operational costs and deliver increased organizational value.  This session will also showcase the roadmap for Lotus Symphony and productivity tools, Alloy by IBM and SAP, and Lotus Protector security products” Please Join us for Tri State LUG on October 11, 2010 in NYC.

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