Live Blogging: IBM Reinventing Relationships

IBM is hosting an event in NYC today titled “Reinventing Relationships” and while it sounds like a form of couples therapy, I don’t think it is (well at least I hope not).  The Agenda includes presentations by Alistair Rennie (General Manager: Lotus Software and WebSphere Portal), Larry Bowden (Vice President Portal and Web Software), Jeff Schick (Vice President Social Software) and others you can see the agenda here.  The hashtag for the event is #ibmexperience and IBM is also running their own Social Aggregator for the event. The event begins today at 1:30 PM  EDT as long as there is WiFi or Verizon has coverage in the IAC Building I will be live blogging from the event here so tune in and join me. Want to catch the actual event live, there is a livestream available.

2 Responses to Live Blogging: IBM Reinventing Relationships
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